Woonsocket School Board proceedings


The Woonsocket Board of Education met in regular session on February 13th, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. in the library/media center of the Woonsocket School.  The meeting had been rescheduled due to inclement weather on February 11th.    Members attending were:  Gary Steichen,  Jason White and Jim Grassel. Others attending were Superintendent Rod Weber, Principal Paula Lynch and Chris Selland. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m.
On a motion by Jason White, seconded by Gary Steichen, the Board approved the meeting agenda as presented. Motion carried.
The minutes of the regular board meeting held on January 14th, 2013 were approved as presented on a motion by Gary Steichen, seconded by Jason White.  Motion carried.
On a motion by Gary Steichen, seconded by Jason White, the Board approved the claims presented and the January 2013 financial report as follows:  Motion carried.
GENERAL FUND beginning balance: $965,243.64.  Add receipts:  Taxes $4,885.07; Interest $985.79; Other local $2,342.12; State $47,726.00; Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $1,021,182.62;  less disbursements $116,343.32;  Cash balance: $904,839.30;   Fund balance: $904,839.30.
CAPITAL OUTLAY beginning balance: $468,717.55.  Add receipts:  Taxes $1,268.16;  Other local $1,500.00; Total to be accounted for: $471,485.71;  less disbursements $10,103.40;   Cash balance: $461,382.31;   Fund balance:  $461,382.31.
SPECIAL EDUCATION beginning balance:  $242,131.63. Add receipts: Taxes $710.24;  Other Local $0.00;  State $0.00;  Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $242,841.87; less disbursements $24,310.57;  Cash balance: $218,531.30;    Fund balance: $218,531.30.
PENSION beginning balance: $152,674.72. Add receipts:  Taxes $152.09; Total to be accounted for: $152,826.81;  less disbursements $0.00.  Fund balance: $152,826.81.
FOOD SERVICE beginning balance: $18,078.15. Add receipts:  Pupil receipts $5,071.15;  Adult receipts $291.00; Milk receipts $142.00; Ala’ Carte receipts $579.05; Interest $.77;  Other local $19.49;  State $0.00; Federal reimbursement $3,938.53; Total to be accounted for: $28,120.14; less disbursements $9,207.19; Cash  balance: $18,912.95;  Fund balance: $18,912.95.
ENTERPRISE FUND #53 beginning balance: $10,994.90. Add receipts: Local $1,625.00; Total to be accounted for: $12,619.90; less disbursements $1,316.46; Fund balance: $11,303.44.
TRUST AND AGENCY beginning balance: $31,305.12.  Add receipts: Interest $1.28;  Pupil activities $58.00; Held for others: $549.60; Total to be accounted for: $31,914.00;   less disbursements $4,820.00;  Fund balance: $27,094.00.
Salaries and benefits for the month of January 2013 were as follows:
General Fund: $84,496.48
Special Education: $7,101.14
Enterprise Fund $4,468.19
Food Service: $1,316.46
Chris Selland gave the financial report.
General Fund
Automatic Building Controls, Fire System Batteries 212.14
Best Western Ramkota Inn, Lodging – Superintendent 109.99        Chester Area School, Distance Classes 750.00
City of Woonsocket, Water Service 61.00
Darin’s Market, Supplies 176.94
Demco, Library Supplies 59.77
Express Stop, Gas – Vehicles/Mini-Bus 937.43
Foreman Sales & Service, Inc.,    Regular Route (3,857) Co-Curricular (175) 9,406.74        Heil Electric, Ballasts/Bulbs 134.94
Hillyard, Custodian Supplies 294.16
[Imprest Fund January Claims 1,134.60
Aadland, Corey, Referee/Mileage – Boys Basketball $104.40
Kayser, Donnie, Referee/Mileage – Boys Basketball $117.00
Kemp, Josh, Referee – Basketball Doubleheader $85.00
Kingsbury, Kevin, Referee – Doubleheader “B Games” $55.00
Kingsbury, Tark, Referee – Doubleheader “B Games” $55.00
Krietlow, Bob, Referee/Mileage – Basketball Doubleheader $120.70
Region Five Music, Vocal Contest Fee $27.50
Schroeder, Joe, Referee – Basketball Doubleheader $85.00
Schroeder, Joe, Referee – Boys Basketball $75.00
Sdaesp, Elementary Principal Conference Fee $200.00
Sudbeck, Dan, Referee – Boys Basketball $75.00
US Post Office, Postage Expense $135.00
Total Imprest Claims: $1,134.60]
Instrumentalist Company, Subscription Renewal 21.00        KO’s Pro Service, Van Maintenance 90.40
Larson, Pat, Reading Awards 15.00
Lehr, Dave, Network Service Call/Repairs 705.70
Lieber, Craig, Journalism Photos 34.51
Local Lumber, Shop Supplies 3.09
Menards, Custodian/Shop Supplies 283.71
Mid-Central Educational Co-op, Distance Classes 1,075.00        Midwest Fire, Fire System Inspection/Repairs 132.00
North Dakota Center For Distance Education, Distance Class 250.00
NorthWestern Public Service, Electric Service 4,086.81        Petty Cash, Postage Expense 10.40
Readers Den, Library Books 96.72
Santel Communications, Phone/Cable/Internet 270.56
South Dakota Interscholastic Athletic Admininistrative Associates, Athletic Director Conference/Dues 180.00
United Energy/Farmers Alliance, Fuel Oil/Propane 8,791.00        Walmart, High School Supplies 63.32
Waste Management of Huron, Garbage Service 557.33        Wheelers Business Products, High School Supplies 52.98
Williams Music, Jazz Ensemble Music 16.16
Woonsocket Elementary Parents Club, Attendance Awards 20.00
Fund Total: 30,033.40
Capital Outlay
A&B Business Equipment, Copier Lease 778.00
Darin’s Market, Supplies 155.25
Wordware, Food Service Software/Support    2,815.31
Fund Total: 3,748.56
Special Education
Feldhaus, Erin, Mileage – Workshop/Dakota Step 189.00
Parent/Guardian, Parent/Guardian Mileage 238.65
Jenssen, Gloria,  Transportation Services 80.00
Lifequest, Client Services 2,394.71
Fund Total: 2,902.36
Food Service
Chemical Sanitizing Systems, Dishwasher Rent 49.00
Cwd, Food/Supplies 1,449.32        Earthgrains Company, Food 102.90
School Nutrition Association, Membership Dues 74.50
United Energy/Farmers Alliance, Fuel Oil/Propane 166.46
Variety Food, Food/Supplies 4,608.99
Fund Total: 6,451.17
Superintendent Weber advised that Food Service Director Julie Bebout has successfully completed her certification process.
Mr. Jason Bruce has resigned his Assistant Football Coaching position and the resignation will be acted upon by the Wessington Springs School as they are the contracting district. The Board and staff would like to thank Mr. Bruce for his work with the football team.
The Board has been approached by Amanda Williams regarding a district donation to help with the summer program if no grant funds are available.   This will be discussed further, but it was noted that the district already provides the facility, phone, building insurance, maintenance and electricity.
Superintendent Weber presented the preliminary 2013-2014 school calendar for the Board’s review and the calendar is scheduled for approval at the March meeting. Principal Paula Lynch reported on elementary issues and advised that the eighth graders have been selected to take the NAEP test this year.
Motion was made by Jason White, with a second by Gary Steichen, to approve a contract with Schoenfish, Inc. for the 2011-2012 annual audit. Motion carried.
The Board moved into executive session at 12:20 p.m. on a motion by Gary Steichen, seconded by Jason White. The purpose of the executive session was for the annual Superintendent evaluation. Motion carried. The Board reconvened into regular session at 12:40 p.m.
There being no further business to come before the Board, the February 13, 2013 regular meeting of the Woonsocket Board of Education was officially adjourned at 12:41 p.m. on a motion made by Gary Steichen, with a second by Jason White.  Motion carried.
Business Manager

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