Letcher Town Board proceedings

July 7th, 2016

Mayor Chada called the meeting to order with Hoffman, Knutson, Amick, and Meier in attendance.
A motion was made by Knutson, seconded by Hoffman, carried, to approve the June 23rd, 2016, minutes as read.
A motion was made by Hoffman, seconded by Knutson, carried, to approve the financials as presented.
Carla Amick met with the board to discuss paperwork with the fire department.
Old Business:  The board is planning on talking to the Letcher Community Development Foundation about a grant being written for the dock at Letcher Lake.
One bid was received for the concession stand from Lachnit Construction.
A motion was made by Hoffman, seconded by Knutson, carried, to approve the bid for Lachnit Construction for the building of the concession stand at the ball park.
Discussion was held about Welcome Baskets. Going to talk with the LCDF about having some made up.
Discussion was held on meters not working.
New Business: Applications have been received for the maintenance worker position.  Interviewing has been scheduled for this week.
The air conditioner at the community center is to be hooked up by the end of this week.  All the cement work has been completed at the community center.
Discussion was held about purchasing more fire extinguishers for the community center.
Need to schedule a meeting with the lawyer to draw up contracts and agreement.
Received a complaint about a nuisance in Letcher.  Pictures are being taken and will be sent out with the letter.
Just a reminder, please tell people to come and fill out a nuisance complaint form.
Discussion was held with SPN about the lagoon project. Planning on completion for this fall.
A motion was made by Hoffman, seconded by Knutson, carried, to approve the following claims for payment:
Water/Sewer: USDA $156.00 Tower Loan, Postmaster $47.00 postage, Berkley $330.99 Workman’s Comp, RP&H $55,551.86 Sewer Project, SPN $6,223.95 Sewer Project, Santel  Communications $117.25, Waterhouse $73.52, Lift station $43.73, SD Department of Revenue $283.00 water testing/sampling, United States Treasury $1,177.78 payroll quarterly taxes;
General: Berkley $829.00 workman’s comp, Santel Communications $213.58, Office $117.44, Community Center $96.14, Morgan Theeler $149.10 nuisance discussion, Northwestern Energy $445.07 Street Lights, Miedema Sanitation $154.00 Garbage, Larry Lyle $169.08 payroll, Buckshot’s $186.95, West Nile sprayer $4.49, fuel for mower $182.46, United States Treasury $853.56 payroll quarterly taxes.
The next board meeting will be held on August 4th, 2016, and August 23rd, 2016, at the City Office.
Angie Meier
Finance Officer

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