Sanborn County Commissioners proceedings

NOVEMBER 22, 2016

The Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. with Chairman Ebersdorfer presiding. Other members present were S. Larson, Blindauer, Ohlrogge, and P. Larson. Auditor Larson was also present.  Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by S. Larson, to accept the minutes as presented. All ayes. Motion carried.
Lee Goergen, Highway Superintendent/Weed Supervisor, and Sheri Kogel, Administrative Assistant, met with the board. Goergen reported that Bob Smith has passed his probation period.   Motion by Blindauer, seconded by P. Larson, to convene as a weed board. All ayes. Motion carried. Kogel reviewed the Year End Weed Summary. Chairman Ebersdorfer declared an end to the weed meeting and reconvening as a board of commissioners.
Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to pay longevity pay at $25.00 per year for employment of five years or more. All ayes. Motion carried.
Penny Farris, Director of Equalization, met with the board to have the second hearing and first reading for the Sanborn County Proposed Zoning Amendments. Others joining the meeting were Barry Selland, Planning and Zoning Board, and Tom Mitzel. Brian McGinnis, District III, joined the meeting by speaker phone. Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to open the public hearing. All ayes. Much discussion was held. Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to close the public hearing. All ayes. Motion carried. Motion by Ohlrogge, seconded by S. Larson, to hold the second reading and adoption of the new zoning amendments on December 6th. All ayes. Motion carried.
The board reviewed the prisoner care contract with Charles Mix County for the year 2017 in the amount of $50.00 per prisoner each day. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Ohlrogge, to approve this contract. All ayes. Motion carried.
Motion by P. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to appoint Michael Lueck as the Sanborn County Veterans Service Officer through the first Monday in January 2020. All ayes. Motion carried.
Motion by P. Larson, seconded by S. Larson, to approve the following liquor licenses:
John Doren – Retail (On-Sale) Liquor and Package (Off Sale) Liquor – DBA/Doren’s Bar.
Country Pumper  – Retail (On-Sale) Wine – Louise Alt
All Ayes. Motion carried.
Auditor and Treasurer in all accounts $4,255,018.19
Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Ohlrogge, to pay the following bills. All ayes. Motion carried.
Office of Child Support Enforcement, Wage Garnish $240.00
Accounts Management Incorporated, Wage Garnish $257.27
First National Bank, Tax Liability $2,332.23
First National Bank Omaha, Charge Card Payment $703.90
State Treasurer, Monthly Remittance $41,564.70
SDACO, Mod and Preservation $80.00
Election Day Wages and Rent, Wages and Rent $2,620.23
Town, Townships, Schools, James River Water, and T&C, Tax Distribution $1,115,861.28
A&B Business Products, Supplies $1,274.22
A-Ox Welding Supply, Cylinders $197.63
All Traffic Solutions, Speed Display $3,750.00
Ameripride Services, Mats, Mops, Towels $97.20
AT&T, Cell Phone $137.40
Avera Weskota Memorial Medical Center, Blood Alcohol Test $100.00
Rita R. Baszler, Blood Alcohol Test $80.00
Gary Blindauer, Supplies $159.70
Brown & Saenger, Supplies $261.42
Lynn Brueske, Mileage $31.50
Campbell Supply Co., Supplies $16.37
Central Electric Cooperative, Electricity $446.12
Churchill, Manolis, Freeman, Court Appointed Attorney Fees $2,369.25
Commercial Asphalt, Patch Mix $27,259.06
Dakota Two Way, Mobile Microphone $94.50
Stephen D. Davis, Conference Expense $328.53
Davison County Sheriff, Prisoner Care $380.00
Dawson Construction, Garbage $230.99
Department of Revenue, Blood Alcohol Tests $135.00
ES&S, Election Supplies $2,485.48
Express 2, Fuel $144.79
Fastenal Company, Supplies $30.40
Aaron Fink, Conference Expense $561.48
First National Bank, Reflective Clothing $41.17
Governors Inn, Travel Expense $170.00
Growmark Inc., Oil $431.75
Melissa Heinen, Blood Alcohol Tests $160.00
David Hjelm, Conference Expense $164.80
John Deere Financial, Supplies $46.85
Kieffer Oil Co., Tire Repair $89.60
KO’s, Repairs $98.75
Karen Krueger, Supplies $23.28
Lewis Drug Inc., Prescription Drugs for Prisoner $7.09
Matthew Bender & Co Inc., Books $62.48
Local Lumber Co., Supplies $25.96
McLeod’s, Envelopes $199.80
Menard’s, Supplies $118.11
Mitchell Concrete Products, Concrete $351.75
Neve’s Uniforms Inc., Supplies $16.74
Northern Truck Equipment Corporation, Equipment $4,418.00
NorthWestern Energy, Electricity $859.58
P&R Technologies, Thermal Imagers $9,717.00
Physicians Claims Company, Ambulance Billing $298.10
Pheasantland Industries, Supplies $1,966.85
Sherryl Rankin, Mileage $16.80
Sioux Falls Two Way Radio, Programming $25.00
Santel, Phone and Internet $1,273.58
Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publications Fees $1,824.16
Sanford Health, Autopsy $2,250.00
South Dakota Department of Transportation, 20 percent Share $285.04
Seachange Print Innovations, Publications Fees $350.00
Michelle Sifuentes, Interpreting Fees $51.00
Sleuth, Convert Servers $720.00
Snow Wheel System Inc., Snow Wheel $2,303.00
Summers Bearing & Supply, Supplies $51.88
James D. Taylor PC, Mental Illness Board $446.56
True North Steel Inc., Culvert $827.40
Waste Management, Garbage $279.86
Woonsocket City, Water/Sewer $76.00
Schmiedt Enterprises, Supplies $214.60
X-Cel Energy, Electricity $39.20
There being no further business, motion by S. Larson, seconded by P. Larson, to adjourn the meeting.  All ayes. Motion carried. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held December 6, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. Motion carried.
Diane Larson
Sanborn County Auditor
Jeff Ebersdorfer
Chairman of the Board,
Sanborn County

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