Notice is hereby given that a Petition requesting that a certain public roadway and street bordered by and located within Logan Township, Sanborn County, South Dakota, pursuant to SDCL 31-3-6, as hereinafter specifically described, has been received by the Board of Supervisors of Logan Township; that the Petition may be examined by contacting the Clerk of the Township at her address indicated below; that the specific description of the property being requested to be reopened is:
That existing public right-of-way which includes the statutory right-of-way and any right-of-way acquired by deed(s) lying on the section line highway running that township road running west to east between Sections 18 and 19. The reopening shall start at the road closed sign in front of the Doyle Estabrook home and continue east for 620 feet. A portion of this roadway was closed previously, and the portion to be reopened is not an improved roadway. The reason for the reopening is that a new home is going to be built at this site and the roadway will be improved. The petitioners feel that it is in the best interest of Logan Township to reopen this roadway.
Therefore, notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Logan Township will hold a (joint) public hearing to consider the Petition for reopening of the above described public roadway and street located within Logan Township, Sanborn County, South Dakota; such meeting will be held on Monday, the 29th day of May 2017, at 8 o’clock p.m. at the home of Adolf Zoss, 23637 406th Ave., Letcher, South Dakota.
That any persons interested in the proposed action may be present at said date and time and present their information, opinions, and/or arguments relative to the proposed action. Any persons unable to attend this hearing may deliver their written opinion for consideration by the Board of Supervisors, such testimony should be delivered prior to the date and time of the scheduled hearing by mailing or delivering the opinion to: Clerk Jeri Senska, 151 North Douglas Street, Forestburg, South Dakota.
WHEREFORE, your petitioners pray that the Board of Supervisors of Logan Township, by resolution, determine that the public interest will be better served by the reopening of the highway described: The township road running west to east between Sections 18 and 19. The reopening shall start at the road closed sign at the end of the road in front of the Doyle Estabrook residence, and continue east for 620 feet hereinabove. And make its Order reopening the same.
We, the undersigned, having been first duly sworn, on oath depose and say: That they have read the above and foregoing Petition and know the contents thereof; and that the same is true of their own knowledge, except as to those matters therein stated upon information and belief, and as to such matters, they believe the same to be true.
Adolf Zoss
Jerry Moody
Phillip Hinker

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