Woonsocket City Council proceedings

November 6, 2017 - 7:00 P.M.

The regular meeting of the Woonsocket City Council was called to order by Mayor Lindy Peterson, at 7:00 p.m. Monday, November 6, 2017, with the following members present: Derek Foos, Jim Steichen, Darin Kilcoin, Joel Rassel and Brandon Goergen. Richard Reider was absent.
Motion by Goergen, seconded by Rassel, to approve the agenda. Motion carried.
Motion by Foos, seconded by Steichen, to approve the October 2, 2017, minutes. Motion carried.
Motion by Steichen, seconded by Foos, to approve the Financial Statement. Motion carried.
Motion by Rassel, seconded by Goergen, to approve the following bills.
October 2017 payments
TC Enterprises $413.22 Parks
Sanborn Weekly Journal $101.29 Publishing
Department of Revenue $237.00 Water
SDML Work Comp $3,849.00 Work Comp Insurance
Snap-on Tools $67.00 Shop
Sun Gold $24.00 Parks
Santel $723.28 two months
Office Peeps $6.14 Shop
NAPA $6.31 Shop
Michael Todd $287.15 Streets
Larson & Nipe $354.00 Professional
Local Lumber $73.75 Shop
KO Pro Service $18.50 Shop
DB Electric $566.49 Siren
Fastenal $1,172.78 Shop
Express 2 $276.50 Shop
Department of Environment and Natural Resources $10.00 Sewer
Colonial Research $1,631.79 Sewer
Benders Sewer $870.00 Sewer
AG Diesel Inc. $19.00 Shop
Ameripride $70.86 Shop
Lawson Products $153.26 Shop
Dicks Welding $250.00 Storm Drain
SD Retirement Plan $884.16 Retirement
First National Bank $1,947.45 Payroll tax
Department of Revenue $217.94 Sales Tax
NorthWest Pipe Fitting $1,367.60 Water
NorthWestern Energy $2,784.42 Utilities
Council discussed a Golf Cart Ordinance. Motion by Kilcoin, seconded by Rassel to approve the first reading of ordinance 93-45. Motion carried
Section 1. GOLF CART DEFINED: A golf cart is a self-propelled machine, powered either by battery or internal combustion engine, originally designed for transporting one (1) or two (2) persons and their equipment; four (4) people when two (2) seats are available; six (6) people when three (3) seats are available around a golf course for purposes of the game of golf. A golf cart may be three- or four-wheeled.
Section 2. PERMIT REQUIRED: No person shall operate a golf cart upon any public street within the city of Woonsocket, South Dakota, without having first obtained a permit therefore from the city finance office. The fee to be charged for such permit is set at $25.00. Permitted operation upon a public way within the city shall be in compliance with all provisions of this chapter. Permits issued pursuant to this chapter may be transferred with the transfer of ownership of the permitted golf cart and shall expire on December 31st of each year.
Section 3. OPERATION REQUIREMENTS: Operation of a permitted golf cart upon the public streets of the city shall be in conformance with all of the following requirements:
A. The person operating the golf cart:
1. Must be in possession of a valid driver’s license;
2. Must have in effect insurance covering operation of the golf cart in not less than the minimum required by the state of South Dakota for operation of licensed vehicles on public ways;
3. Shall be operated at times between sunrise and sunset only;
4. The permit shall be visibly displayed at the rear left side of the golf cart;
5. Shall not operate the golf cart upon any state or federally designated highway excepting only to cross such highways;
6. Shall not drive on sidewalk;
7. All persons within the permitted golf cart shall be seated at all times and no person shall at any time be on the outside or on the top of the permitted golf cart at any time during operation on a public street;
8. Shall be equipped with a slow moving vehicle sign positioned and plainly visible on the rear of the golf cart which conforms to the provisions of South Dakota Codified Law chapter 32-20;
9. The permitted golf cart shall not be used in chasing after persons or animals;
10. Shall comply with all laws and regulations applicable to operation of vehicles on public streets.
Section 4. VIOLATION: Any person in violation of any part of this ordinance shall be punishable by imprisonment in jail not exceeding thirty (30) days and/or by a fine of not more than Two Hundred Dollars ($200).
Lindy Peterson
Tara Weber
City Finance Officer
First Reading: November 6, 2017
Second Reading:
Council discussed the flashing lights on the highway.
Council discussed the Mason Building. Request an update on Lawsuit.
Motion by Goergen, seconded by Foos, to approve the 2018 Appropriation Budget. Motion carried.
Council discussed the roof on the City Shop Building. It has been turned in to the insurance and do what is recommended by them.
Motion by Rassel, seconded by Foos, to approve the Resolution adopting the Sanborn County Multi-Jurisdiction Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan. Motion carried
A resolution of the City Council of Woonsocket declaring its support for, and adoption of, the Sanborn County Multi-Jurisdiction Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan.
WHEREAS a Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan for Sanborn County (the Plan) has been developed; and
WHEREAS the City of Woonsocket participated in the development of the Plan; and
WHEREAS the Plan will be used as a disaster mitigation planning tool as deemed appropriate by the Woonsocket City Council.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Woonsocket City Council hereby adopts and supports the Plan, and will take action to ensure that the Plan is implemented.
Adopted and approved this 6th day of November 2017.
SIGNED: Lindy Peterson
Mr. Lindy Peterson,
Mayor, City of Woonsocket
ATTEST: Tara Weber
Ms. Tara Weber,
Municipal Finance Officer
Council discussed Water Rates. Motion by Rassel, seconded by Steichen to raise the base rate by $0.50 to $18.50 for the first 2,500 gallons effective January 1, 2018. Motion carried.
Council discussed Sewer Rates. It was decided to leave as is for 2018.
Council opened 2018 Propane Quotes: Brooks Oil – $1.21 and Farmers Alliance – $1.19 for 6,000 gallons. Motion by Steichen, seconded by Kilcoin, to approve Farmers Alliance Quotes for $1.19 for 6,000 gallons after we use what is left from last years quotes with Brooks Oil. Motion carried.
Council discussed winter hours for the Maintenance Workers. It was approved that they will work 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Council discussed Lots 16-17 Block 21. Motion by Goergen, seconded by Foos, to declare them Surplus. Mayor Peterson appointed Goergen, Steichen and Rassel to appraise the lots.
Brandon Goergen – $40.00 per Lot
Joel Rassel – $45.00 per Lot
Jim Steichen – $40.00 per Lot
Motion by Foos, seconded by Kilcoin, to sell the lots to Todd Brueske for $30.00 plus any legal fees. Motion carried.
Weber discussed with the Council that Rod and Tara Weber were purchasing the Sanborn Weekly Journal. Weber has discussed this with the Auditor. All legal publication will be published as required by law and any additional publications will need to be approved by the Mayor/Council.
Discussion Items:
Cemetery – Tabled
Cars – Tabled
Shop List was passed around
Jake Brake – Signs should be getting installed
Dumpground – suggested the locks be changed.
Motion by Rassel, seconded by Foos, to enter into Executive Session at 9:12 p.m. to discuss Personnel. Motion carried
Motion by Foos, seconded by Rassel, to exit Executive Session at 9:41 p.m. Motion carried.
With no further business to be discussed, motion by Steichen, seconded by Goergen, to adjourn the meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 9:43 p.m.
Finance Officer

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