Artesian Town Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes April 4, 2018


The Town of Artesian Council met on April 4, 2018, in regular session at the Artesian Community Center.  Council Member S. Richard called the meeting to order with Council Member C. Danek and Finance Officer G. Effling present. Also present was Tom Fridley.

The minutes of the March 7, 2018, meeting were read and a typographical error was corrected; motion to approve by Richard, seconded by Danek; motion carried. Finance Officer Reports were read; motion to approve by Richard, seconded by Danek; motion carried. The following vouchers were presented for the month; motion to approve by Danek, seconded by Richard; motion carried.

CorTrust Bank – $5.00

South Dakota Department of Revenue – $216.98

United States Department of Agriculture – $1,116.00

Xcel Energy –  $1,196.58

Artesian Fire Department – $125.00

Candace Danek – $160.00

Dawson Construction Inc. – $1,002.89

Gwen Effling – $638.81

Kurt Effling – $120.00

Tom Fridley – $246.00

Todd Hvam – $21.00

Kurt’s Repair – $1,412.38

Susan Richard – $120.00

Sanborn Weekly Journal – $23.42

Department of Revenue – $150.00

South Dakota Municipal League Workers’ Compensation Fund – $26.00

Town of Artesian – $157.80

Sanborn County Clerk of Courts – $14.46

Old Business:

Streets – discussion. City lot mowing will be completed by the city.

Sewer/Lagoon – discussion.

Sewer/Garbage – reviewed delinquent billings.

City dump – discussion.

Park – discussion on the bath house, tabled until May meeting.

New Business:

The City of Artesian was presented a 15-Year Member plaque from the South Dakota Municipal League.

When available, the city will apply for the West Nile virus prevention grant.

Discussion on the Longbranch malt beverage license renewal – motion by Danek, seconded by Richard to approve; motion carried.

Commercial Asphalt pricing sheet was reviewed.

G. Effling administered the oath of office to Council Member Candace Danek.

Discussion on lights that are burnt out within city limits and light pole down on Hwy 34; the electric company has been notified.

There being no further business brought before the council, meeting adjourned. The next regular meeting is scheduled for May 2, 2018, at the Artesian Community Center at 7:30 p.m.

Gwen Effling

Town of Artesian,

Finance Officer

Kurt Effling

Council Member

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