Woonsocket School Board proceedings


The Woonsocket Board of Education met in regular session on May 14th, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the Distance Learning room of the Woonsocket School. Members attending were: Jason White, Jodi Doering, Todd Olinger, Neal Hiemstra, and Lisa Snedeker.  Others attending were Superintendent Rod Weber, Paula Lynch, and Chris Selland.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.  

On a motion by Neal Hiemstra, seconded by Lisa Snedeker, the Board approved the meeting agenda as presented. Motion carried.

The minutes of the regular board meeting held on April 9th 2018, were approved as presented on a motion by Lisa Snedeker, seconded by Jodi Doering. Motion carried.   

On a motion by Jodi Doering, seconded by Todd Olinger, the Board approved the claims presented with the addition of claim for Lifequest in the amount of  $1,207.78, and claim for SD Department of Human Services in the amount of $3,519.59 for client services, along with approval of the April 2018 financial report as follows, motion carried:

GENERAL FUND, Beginning balance: $760,542.34; Add receipts: Taxes $45,368.92, Interest $403.25; Other local: $1,455.51,  State $92,844.00, Federal $938.76; Total to be accounted for:  $901,552.78; less disbursements $308,357.67; less operating transfer to Fund #53 $75,000.00; Cash balance: $518,195.11; Fund Balance: $518,195.11.

CAPITAL OUTLAY, Beginning balance: $981,225.41; Add receipts: Taxes $48,830.98, Other local $0.00, Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $1,030,056.39, less disbursements $12,614.47; Cash balance: $1,017,441.92; Fund balance:  $1,017,441.92.

SPECIAL EDUCATION, Beginning balance: $350,524.49; Add receipts: Taxes $26,543.31, Other local $0.00, State $0.00, Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $377,067.80; less disbursements $63,261.62; Cash balance: $313,806.18; Fund balance: $313,806.18.

PENSION, Beginning balance:  $200,729.64; Add receipts: Taxes $0.00, Other local $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $200,729.64;  less disbursements $0.00; Cash balance: $200,729.64; Fund balance: $200,729.64.

FOOD SERVICE, Beginning balance: $57,725.54; Add receipts: Pupil receipts $7,390.80, Adult receipts $192.10, Milk receipts $0.00, Interest $2.30; Other local $105.00, State $0.00, Federal reimbursement $6,070.71; Total to be accounted for: $71,486.45;  less disbursements $18,359.23; Cash  balance: $53,127.22; Fund balance: $53,127.22.   

ENTERPRISE FUND #53, Beginning balance:  $60,509.95; Add receipts: Other local $1,845.00,  Operating transfer in from general fund: $75,000.00; Total to be accounted for: $137,354.95; less disbursements: $10,760.97; Cash balance:  $126,593.98; Fund balance: $126,593.98. 

TRUST AND AGENCY: Beginning balance: $23,502.68; Add receipts: Interest $1.03, Pupil activities $4,250.00; Total to be accounted for: $27,753.71; less disbursements $4,020.00; Fund balance: $23,733.71.

Salaries and benefits for the month of April 2018 were as follows:

General Fund: $270,860.31    

Special Education: $45,046.03

Enterprise #53: $10,760.97

Food Service: $11,989.18

GENERAL FUND                            

AT&T, Cell Phone $58.90

Brooks Oil, Fuel Oil $2,833.50

Brown Industries, Inc., Staff Service Awards $85.29

Central Restaurant Products, Commercial Blender – Gen Youth Grant $861.59

City Of Woonsocket, Water Service $63.00

Coca-Cola, Water – Five Gallons/Elementary $25.56

Creative Products Sourcing Inc. – Dare, Dare Medallions $11.65

Einsteins, Costume Rental – Drama $411.00

Express 2, Gas – Vehicles $137.85

Express Stop, Gas – Vehicles/Mini-Buses $336.96

Golden West Technologies, Telephone Service Call $62.50

Hillyard, Custodian Supplies $1,331.68

[Imprest Fund:

DeSmet High School, Golf Meet Fee $60.00

US Post Office, Postage Expense $150.00

US Post Office, Postage Expense $150.00

Total April Claims: $360.00]

Instrumentalist Company, Band Award $79.00

K&D Busing Inc., Regular Route/Co-Curricular Route $18,202.59

Larson, Charley, Reimbursement – Eighth Grade Baskets $10.63

Lehr, Dave, Tech Support Fee $140.00

Lieber, Sarah, Reimbursement – Library Books $676.41

Local Lumber, Shop Supplies $78.73

Lynch, Paula, Reimbursement – Gas – Vehicle $71.50

McLeods, Computer Checks/Supplies $362.58

NorthWestern Public Service, Electric Service $4,345.35

Olympia Book Corp, Books-Library $230.71

Paragon Ridge Perkins Consortium, Perkins Consortium Assessment $225.00

Petty Cash, Postage Exp. $7.10

Quill Corporation, AAA Banquet Plates/Silverware $227.94

R&L Sanitary Service, Sanitary Services – Soccer $260.00

Ramkota, Lodging – Business Manager Conference $199.98

Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publications $128.61

Sanders Printing Co., Eighth Grade Diplomas $87.81

Santel Communications, Phone/Cable/Internet $281.37

School Administrators of South Dakota, Conference – Superintendent $50.00

Schoenfish & Co. Inc., Audit Fee $7,000.00

SD Department of Health, State Nurse Contracted Services $435.00

South Dakota High School Activities Association, Student Press /News Fee $31.00

Selland, Crystal , Reimbursement – AAA Banquet Supplies $14.11

Signature Plus, AAA Awards $1,821.40

South Dakota School Superintendent Association, Superintendent Conference Fee $150.00

Sportboardz, Board Updates $45.00

Stumps, Table Cover – AAA Banquet $108.97

VanDenHemel, James, Reimbursement – Extention Cord Ends- Buses $25.52

Walmart, Guidance Materials $13.96

Waste Management of Wi-Mn, Garbage Service $703.11

Wessington Springs School, Wrestling Co-Op Share and Football Jerseys  $4,162.96

Wingert, Kathy, CPR Training – Teachers $450.00

Woony Foods, Supplies/Coffee $255.53

Fund Total: $47,461.35


A&B Business Equipment, Copier Lease $1,229.47

G&R Controls, Addition Project $9,396.00

Fund Total: $10,625.47


First National Bank, Audible Fee $15.92

Avera St. Lukes, Client Services $896.00

Career Connections, Client Services $64.44

Lifequest, Client Services $1,207.78

Palace Transit, Client Transportation Services $80.00

SD Department of Human Services, Client Services – Non-Federal Match $3,519.59

Fund Total: $5,783.73


Buhls Dry Cleaning, Laundry Service $7.00

Child and Adult Nutrition,        Food $60.18

Earthgrains Company, Food $209.40

Maxwell Food Equipment, Supplies $369.37

Variety Food, Food, Supplies, Dishwasher Rent $5,245.08

Fund Total: $5,891.03

Chris Selland gave the financial report. The 2018-2019 preliminary budget was presented, and discussion was held on several options for closing the shortfall, as the district has had to eliminate the majority of the reserve general fund balance in order to comply with a new state mandate implemented this year. The district would be penalized (by a reduction in state-aid) dollar for dollar for the lowest monthly reserve balance that exceeds 30 percent of this year’s expenditures. Discussion was held on the possibility of utilizing a combination of opt-out funds and a transfer into the general fund from up to 45 percent of the capital-outlay tax levy, which is also a new option within the past several years that the district has not needed to do. 

Superintendent Weber advised that the plan for the wrestling co-op with the addition of Wolsey-Wessington has been finalized after a meeting with all districts. Also, the elementary addition is going well after some weather delays and is close to being on schedule. 

The 7-12 soccer co-op was discussed and the decision was made to not participate in 2018-2019 due to low numbers of students. 

Smarter Balance test scores were discussed, with the District scores at around the state average in reading and math. The district is working with the WEPC on an additional math web-based program that can be utilized at school and at home. 

Also, the Woonsocket District will give a presentation at the School Administrators Leadership Conference and receive $1,000.00 for being the recipient of the Community Helping Hands award for the Community/School theatre project.   

Principal Paula Lynch advised that field trips and the walk-a-thon are underway and being planned, and we have 21 potential Kindergartners enrolled after screening day held on April 30th.       

Motion was made by Jodi Doering, with a second by Neal Hiemstra, to approve the first reading of the Seclusion and Restraint Policy and the Conflict of Interest/Disclosure Policy. Motion carried.  

Motion was made by Lisa Snedeker, with a second by Jodi Doering, to approve the Woonsocket School District 2018-2019 extra-duty pay schedule (Addendum A).  Motion carried.   

It was moved by Lisa Snedeker with a second by Neal Hiemstra to approve the following items as surplus/salvage and to dispose of as the district sees fit: fourth grade – 24 science and 26 social studies textbooks (outdated), third grade  – 24 science textbooks (outdated)  5th grade – 24 outdated VHS  health/other tapes and 23 world history textbooks (outdated). Motion carried.  

Motion was made by Jodi Doering, with a second by Todd Olinger, to approve the Woonsocket School Comprehensive plan. Motion carried.   

Motion was made by Neal Hiemstra, with a second by Todd Olinger, to approve the resignation of Jacque Bratcher as the Shared Band Director and to hire Janae West as the new Shared Band Instructor at a base salary of $37,300.00 plus extra-duty. The district would like to thank Ms. Bratcher for her service to the districts. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Jodi Doering with a second by Todd Olinger to approve the following list of graduating seniors. They will meet the Woonsocket School and State requirements: Blake Christian Anderson, Alissa Jo Ball, Callie Theresa Bezpaletz, Abby Jo Doering, Trent Stone Feistner, Ashleigh Anne Fry, Jared Michael Goldammer, Chris Ora-James Howard, Lauren Taylor Johnson, Nathan Alan Linke, Wyatt Lane Mittleider, Bailey Dean Schmiedt, Sawyer David Swenson, Matthew Daniel Terkildsen, Devon John Weber, Trey Thomas Weber, Tristan Nicole Ziebart. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Jodi Doering, with a second by Neal Hiemstra, to approve the wrestling co-op between Wessington Springs, Woonsocket and Wolsey-Wessington effective with the 2018-2019 term. Woonsocket will pay 25 percent of the total co-op expenses with Wessington Springs and Wolsey-Wessington paying 37.5 percent each, due to practices being held at Wessington Springs and Wolsey, and we will have to travel for all practices. Motion carried.  

Motion was made by Todd Olinger, with a second by Jodi Doering, to approve the following votes for South Dakota High School Activities Association:

   Amendment #1 – YES;

   Division III Representative  – Jerry Rasmussen;

   Large Group Representative – Paul Turman;

   Division IV Representative  – Paul Nepldol;

motion carried.

Motion was made to approve an executive session for student matters pursuant to SDCL #1-25-2.2 with a possible motion to follow.  The Board went into executive session at 8:36 p.m., on a motion by Neal Hiemstra, with a second by Lisa Snedeker.

The Board reconvened into regular session at 9:01 p.m. 

Motion was made by Lisa Snedeker, with a second by Jodi Doering, to rescind motion #93 made during the regularly scheduled board meeting held on January 8, 2018, expelling student ID#1430006 on the condition this student be enrolled in a residential treatment facility. Motion carried.   

There being no further business to come before the Board, the May 14th, 2018, regular board meeting of the Woonsocket Board of Education was adjourned at 9:02 p.m. on a motion by Neal Hiemstra, with a second by Jodi Doering. Motion carried.  




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