Town ‘N Kountry Kids 4-H Club Blue Group meets

The Town ‘N Kountry Kids Blue Group met on March 7 at 5 p.m. at the Letcher Community Center.      

As members signed in for roll call, they were asked to make a guess on the amount of candy in a fireman’s helmet.  

Cindy VanLaecken, from the Letcher Fire Department and first responder, was a guest speaker and provided basic first aid tips and reviewed stop, drop and roll. 

The meeting was called to order by President Brady Larson. Twenty-five youth were in attendance. The pledges were led by Brooklyn Larson and Cannon Zoss. The secretary’s report was read by Hudson Fouberg. No changes or corrections were made.

Payton Uecker gave the treasurer’s report. Outstanding bills to pay were reviewed.  Teagan Moody made a motion, with a second by Dean Hansen, to pay those outstanding bills and to approve the treasurer’s report. Health officer, Bryce Larson, read a book “Staying Safe on the Farm with Jackson” that was donated to the 4-H club. The real life story behind the book was reviewed with everyone. No safety officer report was available.

Committee reports: The Valentine’s Day cards that club members made at the meeting were distributed by Brooklyn and Janet. Residents were very happy to see them and very appreciative. 

Old Business:

Fruit Sale packets were due to the office on March 3. The delivery date is March 28. Members were asked to make plans to assist with unloading. The club had several top sellers; Dean and Ashley Hansen, Parker and Wyatt Ettswold, and Teagan and Memphis Moody were in the top six families that sold fruit.   

The 2019 Teen Leadership Conference State 4-H Ambassadors came up with the project Jeans for Teens. The club will be collecting jeans for this project through spring and summer. Please drop off your donated items at the office or bring them to a meeting.        

Ramsey Fouberg read a summary report on the “work day” for members that was offered on March 17. 

YQCA training is required for all 4-Hers showing any animals.    

New Business:

Members were reminded to send a text to Audra, Sherryl, or any of the leaders when they have completed a 4-H project. Their names will be entered into a movie ticket drawing for completed projects.  

A shooting sports update was given by Cole Wilson. A lot of 4-Hers are qualifying for the state shoot.

Upcoming dates to take note of: 

•May 21 – Farmers Union camp in Forestburg; 

•May 22 – Babysitting workshop in Forestburg;

•May 26 – YQCA training in Forestburg;

•May 28 – Market animal weigh-in at Forestburg;

•The design for the Achievement Day T-shirt will be changed. The deadline is March 31;

•The 4-H Rodeo paperwork deadline is May 1;

•A reminder was given for parents to read all updates that are sent out.

•Some changes were made in the fair book this year that include Showmanship, Meat goat, Swine, Livestock judging, Poultry & Rabbit, CDM Skill-a-thon, Public presentations and Companion animals.

•April 4 will be another project information meeting opportunity for members. No meeting will be held. Talks and Demonstrations are welcome. More info to come.

Shay Bechen gave a demonstration on “Poster for Visual Arts,” Brooklyn Larson gave a demonstration on “The Incredible Edible Egg” and Bryce Larson gave a demonstration on “Trapping.”

The meeting was adjourned.

  Youth enjoyed a meal provided by the Plamp, Adams, and Bechen families. 

The next meeting will be April 4.

Hostesses were the Shawn Moody family, Ed Hoffman family and Denny Fouberg family.

Talks were given by Memphis, Oaklyn, Weston, Kaylee, Riley and Brady.

…See photos in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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