Caring Closet created to meet students’ personal needs

PICTURED IS the Caring Closet that Woonsocket senior Brooke Doering established for her senior project.

When deciding on a senior project, Woonsocket senior Brooke Doering said that she knew she wanted to do something that gave back to the community, and she wanted to do something that was unique to her school and town. So, when her mentor Mica Foxley, the school counselor, and her teacher Emily Henriksen presented the idea of a Caring Closet to her, she said she was 100 percent on board.

In Doering’s own description, she states, “The Caring Closet is a stationary storage cabinet that is filled with different sizes of clothing, for boys and girls, along with hygiene products and feminine products.” She hopes to have created a way for some students to be able to have the necessities that they might not be able to have at home, for whatever reason. According to Doering, “Sometimes life throws unexpected curveballs at you, or you are simply going through hard times, and you need some extra help.”

Foxley helped her immensely throughout the project. Doering stated that she connected her with all the right people whenever she had a question, and even while Foxley was on maternity leave, she kept in touch with Doering to make sure things were moving along correctly and in a timely manner. Doering also attributes her parents to being a huge help on getting the project completed and functional.

…Read on in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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