Woonsocket City Council proceedings

MINUTES - JULY 11, 2022

The regular meeting of the Woonsocket City Council was called to order by Mayor Richard Reider at 7:00 p.m. Monday, July 11, 2022, with the following members present: Arin Boschee, Derek Foos, Elliott Ohlrogge, Joel Rassel, and John Baysinger. Brandon Goergen and Darin Kilcoin were absent. Finance officer Tara Weber and Lon McWhorter were also present. 

Motion by Foos, seconded by Boschee, to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Motion by Rassel, seconded by Boschee, to approve the June 13, 2022, minutes. Motion carried.

Motion by Foos, seconded by Baysinger, to approve the June 30, 2022, minutes. Motion carried.

Motion by Rassel, seconded by Baysinger, to approve the Financial Statement. Motion carried.

Motion by Rassel, seconded by Boschee, to approve the following bills:

Santel Communications $254.98 Phone/Computer

Carquest $319.48 Parks

Scott Supply $515.16 Parks

TC Enterprises $115.85 Parks

Woony Foods $486.65 Shop

Waste Management $6,887.91 Garbage

Public Health Lab $73.00 Water

Sanborn Weekly Journal $369.00 Publishing

McLeods $530.70 Water/Sewer

JD Concrete $766.80 Parks

Kay Park Rec $2,082.08 Parks

Local Lumber $1,122.44 Parks

Menards $2,291.39 Shop

Midwest Fire & Safety $174.50 Shop

Hawkins $5,797.79 Pool/Water

DB Electric $2,946.94 Parks

Doug’s Custom Paint $261.91 Parks

Express 2 $997.20 Shop

Express Stop $1,048.94 Shop

Chesterman $522.25 Pool  

Budde Septic Tank $560.00 Parks

Banyon Data Systems $2,615.00 Shop

Northwest Pipe Fitting $242.44 Shop

Agtegra $386.65 Parks

AmeriPride $168.86 Shop

Code Enforcement Specialist $1,729.75 Cleanup

Northwestern Energy $4,221.13 Utilities

KO’s Pro Service $15.98 Parks

First National Bank of Omaha $6,761.88 Payroll Tax

South Dakota Retirement Systems $1,579.68 Retirement

Department of Revenue $222.58 Sales Tax

Lon McWhorter met with the council to discuss the cleanup efforts he plans for his property. He will go through the county to change the zoning of his property to commercial, since that is what it is used for. He also plans to build a fence that will go around his property. The council agreed that the fence would satisfy the clean-up requirements. 


Weber informed the council that the cabin was rented out over the Fourth, and it is scheduled to be rented several other times this summer.

Reider informed the council that the City is waiting for The Road Guy to chip/seal the county roads.

The council discussed the cleanup/car issues. The letter has a deadline of July 22, 2022. At that time, the Code Enforcement Officer will continue in the efforts.

The council discussed the cameras. Rassel is waiting on a price.

The council discussed the statue that the community club is installing. It will be moved to by the depot.

The council discussed the concrete for the table that was purchased by the Senskas to be put by the canoe dock.

The council discussed the Fourth of July. Only wonderful comments were heard. They would like to thank the city crew for all their hard work in getting the town looking wonderful and thank the Water Festival Committee for planning a very successful event! 

The council discussed the swans. It was reported that the wrong feathers were gathered, so DNA could not be performed.

The council discussed the pool. 


The council discussed a proposal for duplexes by Chad Eagle Construction. Motion by Rassel, seconded by Foos, to declare Lots 13-24 Block 14, Original Plat surplus. These lots will be sold by bid for the purpose of building duplex properties on. Reider appointed Derek Foos, Joel Rassel and Arin Boschee to serve as the appraisal committee. Appraisals were as follows: Derek Foos – $1,500.00, Joel Rassel – $1,500.00, Arin Boschee – $1,500.00. Motion by Boschee, seconded by Baysinger, to accept the appraisal of the lots at $1,500.00. Bids must be submitted to the City Finance office by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 5th. Bids will be opened, and anyone that has submitted a bid will be included in the live bidding at the September 12th meeting at 7:30 p.m.

The Council discussed the recent storms. Richard Jensen will look into getting prices on backup generators. 

The council discussed updating the City Ordinances. Weber will contact Planning District III.

With no further business to be discussed, motion by Foos, seconded by Baysinger, to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Richard Reider



Tara Weber

Finance Officer

Published once on July 21, 2022, at the total approximate cost of $53.00 and may be viewed free of charge at www.sdpublicnotices.com.

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