Woonsocket School Board proceedings


The Woonsocket Board of Education met in regular session on November 12th, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the library/media center of the Woonsocket School. Members attending were: Gary Steichen, Todd Olinger, Jim Grassel and Darrin Uttecht. Jason White was absent due to a prior commitment. Others attending were Superintendent Rod Weber, Principal Paula Lynch and Chris Selland. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
On a motion by Todd Olinger, seconded by Gary Steichen, the Board approved the meeting agenda as presented with one additional item to come before the Board. Motion carried.
The minutes of the regular board meeting held on October 8, 2012 were approved as presented on a motion by Darrin Uttecht, seconded by Todd Olinger.  Motion carried.
On a motion by Todd Olinger, seconded by Gary Steichen, the Board approved the claims presented and the October 2012 financial report as follows: Motion carried.
GENERAL FUND beginning balance: $911,751.45. Add receipts: Taxes $10,200.32; Interest $914.28; Other local $2,814.34; State $44,896.00; Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for:  $970,576.39;  less disbursements $107,246.91; less transfers out $10,000.00 (Fund #53); Cash balance: $853,329.48; Fund Balance: $853,329.48.
CAPITAL OUTLAY beginning balance: $372,972.01. Add receipts: Taxes $5,636.11; Other local $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $378,608.12;  less disbursements $15,913.89; Cash balance: $362,694.23; Fund balance:  $362,694.23.
SPECIAL EDUCATION beginning balance: $191,813.98. Add receipts: Taxes $3,156.26; Other Local $0.00; State $0.00; Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $194,970.24; less disbursements $12,020.97; Cash balance: $182,949.27; Fund balance: $182,949.27.
PENSION beginning balance: $135,305.48. Add receipts: Taxes $676.60; Total to be accounted for: $135,982.08; less disbursements $0.00. Fund balance: $135,982.08.
FOOD SERVICE beginning balance: $18,018.61. Add receipts: Pupil receipts $4,278.00; Adult receipts $173.00; Milk receipts $6.80;  Ala’ Carte receipts $619.65; Interest $.68;  Other local:  $0.00;  State $0.00; Federal reimbursement $5,800.76; Total to be accounted for: $28,897.50; less disbursements $10,618.06; Cash  balance: $18,279.44;  Fund balance: $18,279.44.
ENTERPRISE FUND #53 beginning balance: $4,266.41. Add receipts: Local $955.00;  Plus transfer in $10,000.00 (General Fund);  less disbursements $3,158.59; Fund balance: $12,062.82.
TRUST AND AGENCY beginning balance: $22,523.16. Add receipts: Interest $.93; Pupil activities $3,109.81; Total to be accounted for: $25,633.90; less disbursements $2,819.33; Fund balance: $22,814.57.
Salaries and benefits for the month of October 2012 were as follows:
General Fund: $86,749.95
Special Education: $7088.64
Food Service: $4,402.00
Chris Selland gave the financial report.
General Fund
A-Ox Welding, Welding Supplies 241.56
At&T, Cell Phone 89.99
Avi Systems, Computer Supplies 60.90
Ban-Koe Systems, Repairs/Intercom 965.00
City of Woonsocket, Water Service 63.01
Dakota Roadhouse/Skeeters, Awards for Accelerated Reading 18.75
Darin’s Market, Supplies 114.12
Days Inn, Lodging – All-State Chorus (Sanborn Central Reimbursement – 50 Percent) 531.00        Decker Equipment, Floor Mat 220.61
Emc Insurance    Annual, Insurance Premium 27,287.00            Express Stop, Gas – Vehicles/Mini-Bus 1,250.28
Foreman Sales & Service, Inc., Regular Route (4,360) Co-Curricular (968) Music (287) 13,433.33
Groupcast, Schoolreach Renewal 416.25
GS Solutions LLC, High School Supplies 199.00
Gustin, Jennifer, Science Supplies 22.70
Hauff Mid-America Sports, Inc., Boys Basketball Uniforms (2)/Basketball Chain Nets 491.60
Heil Electric, Ballasts 442.97        Hillyard Custodian Supplies/Repairs 923.67
Howard Plumbing & Heating, Boiler Chemicals 614.30
Huron Welding, Gym Crows Nest Repairs 95.51
[Imprest Fund October Claims 823.24
Cash, All-State Chorus – Student Meals  $168.00
Coleman-Egan School, Region Cross-Country Expenses $58.68
Duxbury, Dean, Referee – Volleyball $75.00
Northern State University, Practice Fee – All-State Chorus $48.00
Schlicht, Rex, Meal Allowance – State Cross-Country $14.00
Schlimgen, Jesse, Referee – Volleyball $75.00
Schlimgen, Joe, Referee/Mileage – Volleyball $103.56
Sdsu Music Department, All-State Chorus Practice Fee $40.00
South Dakota High School Activities Association, All-State Chorus Registration Fee $10.00
Thelen, Dan, Referee/Mileage – Volleyball $96.00
US Post Office, Postage Expense $135.00
Total Imprest Claims: $823.24]
JD Enterprises, Gym Finish Services 150.00
Jostens, Diplomas 52.37
Lehr, Dave, Video Software 35.95
Lieber, Craig, Reimbursement English Supplies/Mileage – Grade Basketball 104.34
Local Lumber, Boiler Parts 25.50
Menards, Extension Cords – Busses 51.80
Moody, Kami, Volleyball Line Judge/Fifth and Sixth Basketball Referee 280.00
NorthWestern Public Service, Electric Service 2,307.68        Petty Cash, Postage Expense 38.79
Daily Plainsman, Subscription Renewal 40.00
Renaissance Learning, Inc., Accelerated Reading Renewal 1,135.48
Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publications 91.56
Santel Communications, Phone/Cable/Internet 287.64            Schlicht, Rex, Reimbursement – Float Supplies 21.58            Schlicht, Shelley, Mileage – Cross-Country 33.60
Scholastic, Classroom Magazines 397.99
School Specialty, Supplies 407.95
Senska, Gwen, Meal Allowance/Gas Reimbursement – All-State Chorus 110.20
Stan Houston Equipment Co., Shop Equipment Repairs 71.50        United Energy/Farmers Alliance, Fuel Oil 7,703.63
Waste Management of Huron, Garbage Service 550.87
Way Station Flowers, Memorial Flowers 40.00
Wheelers Business Products, Copy Paper/Supplies 2,369.95        Fund Total: 64,613.17
Capital Outlay
A&B Business Equipment, Copier Lease 778.00
Gary Snow & Assoc., Asbestos Abatement – Boiler 11,822.00
Local Lumber, Garage/Addition Materials 132.10
Fund Total: 12,732.10
Special Education
Avera St. Lukes, Client Services 725.40
Center For Disabilities, Autism Conference 400.00
Parent/Guardian, Parent/Guardian Mileage 159.10
Lifequest, Client Services 2,436.15
Walmart, Special Education Supplies/iPod Supplies 149.58        Fund Total: 3,870.23
Food Service
Ameripride Services, Laundry Services 9.85
Chemical Sanitizing Systems, Dishwasher Rent/Chemical 87.38
Child and Adult Nutrition, Food 701.70
Cwd, Food/Supplies 2,851.07        Earthgrains Company, Food 40.01
United Energy/Farmers Alliance, Propane 217.60
Variety Food, Food/Supplies 2,909.06
Fund Total: 6,816.67
Superintendent Weber advised that Wolsey-Wessington would likely drop out of the wrestling co-op next year as they feel they have enough kids now to be independent. Wessington Springs and Woonsocket will continue with the joint wrestling program.  After a meeting with the three Athletic Directors, the football co-op will continue next year with Wessington Springs, Woonsocket and Sanborn Central and it was determined after reviewing the enrollment that the team would remain 9AA for the next two years and if enrollment is up after the two years, there is a two year grace period in existence before they would have to go 11-man.
The asbestos abatement and boiler repairs have been completed and the inspection approved.
Discussion was held on repairs/replacement of the balance of the roof that was not completed several years ago when the gymnasium roof was done. The foam roof system has worked very well on the flat gymnasium roof and the Board will consider budgeting to have the rest of the old roof done also.
The Board would like to thank the Staff and Students for honoring the veterans with the program on Monday and also the Veterans and Community Members that attended.
Principal Paula Lynch advised that conferences were very well attended and went very well.
Motion was made by Darrin Uttecht, with a second by Todd Olinger, to approve a stipend of $500.00 per semester to Rick Olsen for teaching accounting as a distance learning class. The first stipend will be paid in December and the second in May.   Motion carried.
It was moved by Gary Steichen, with a second by Darrin Uttecht, to approve a stipend of $300.00 (paid in December) to Jennifer Easton for extra-duty pay for the Christmas vocal concert as she will be a long-term substitute from now through December in the music program and will be in charge of preparing for the concert. Mrs. Easton is a certified music instructor. Motion carried.
Motion was made by Todd Olinger, with a second by Gary Steichen, to enter into executive session at 7:17 p.m. to discuss matters pertaining to personnel. Motion carried. The Board reconvened into regular session at 7:35 p.m.
There being no further business to come before the Board, the November 12th, 2012 regular meeting of the Woonsocket Board of Education was officially adjourned at 7:37 p.m. on a motion made by Gary Steichen, with a second by Todd Olinger. Motion carried.
Business Manager

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