Woonsocket School Board proceedings

DECEMBER 10, 2012
The Woonsocket Board of Education met in regular session on December 10th, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. in the library/media center of the Woonsocket School. Members attending were: Gary Steichen, Todd Olinger, Jason White and Darrin Uttecht. Jim Grassel was absent due to a prior commitment. Others attending were: Superintendent Rod Weber, Principal Paula Lynch, and Chris Selland. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
On a motion by Todd Olinger, seconded by Jason White, the Board approved the meeting agenda as presented with one additional item to come before the Board. Motion carried.
The minutes of the regular board meeting held on November 12, 2012 were approved as presented on a motion by Darrin Uttecht, seconded by Todd Olinger.  Motion carried.
On a motion by Jason White, seconded by Todd Olinger, the Board approved the claims presented and the November 2012 financial report as follows, motion carried:
GENERAL FUND beginning balance: $853,329.48.  Add receipts: Taxes $207,193.19; Interest $881.19; Other local $111.80; State $60,176.00; Federal $0.00;   Total to be accounted for:  $1,121,691.66;  less disbursements $149,546.75;  Cash balance: $972,144.91;   Fund balance: $972,144.91.
CAPITAL OUTLAY beginning balance: $362,694.23.  Add receipts: Taxes $123,569.63; Other local $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $486,263.86;  less disbursements $12,732.10;   Cash balance: $473,531.76;   Fund balance:  $473,531.76.
SPECIAL EDUCATION beginning balance: $182,949.27. Add receipts:  Taxes $69,200.61;  Other Local $0.00;  State $0.00;  Federal $0.00;  Total to be accounted for: $252,149.88;   less disbursements $10,969.87;  Cash balance: $241,180.01;    Fund balance: $241,180.01.
PENSION beginning balance: $135,982.08. Add receipts: Taxes $14,832.25; Total to be accounted for: $150,814.33; less disbursements $0.00. Fund balance: $150,814.33.
FOOD SERVICE beginning balance: $18,279.44. Add receipts: Pupil receipts $4,136.00;  Adult receipts $263.00. Milk receipts $40.60; Ala’Carte receipts $1,003.60; Interest $.73;  Other local $0.00;  State $0.00;  Federal reimbursement $6,077.58; Total to be accounted for: $29,800.95; less disbursements $11,218.67; Cash  balance: $18,582.28; Fund balance: $18,582.28.
ENTERPRISE FUND #53:  beginning balance:  $12,062.82.  Add receipts: Local $935.00;   less disbursements $1,316.46;  Fund balance:  $11,681.36.
TRUST AND AGENCY beginning balance: $22,814.57.  Add receipts: Interest $1.27;  Pupil activities $19,331.82; Held for others; $823.24;  Total to be accounted for: $42,970.90; less disbursements $1,958.76; Fund balance $41,012.14.
Salaries and benefits for the month of November 2012 were as follows:
General Fund: $84,933.58
Special Education:  $7099.64
Enterprise Fund #53:  $1,316.46
Food Service:  $4,402.00
General Fund
A-Ox Welding, Cylinder Lease 35.00
AT&T, Cell Phone Bill 150.48
Bsn Sports, Referee Shirts – Scorekeepers 22.00
City of Woonsocket, Water Service 61.00
Darin’s Market, Supplies 267.47
Express Stop Gas – Vehicles/Mini-Bus/Mower 763.11
Firesteel Service, Tire – Mini-Bus 242.57
Foreman Sales & Service, Inc., Regular Route (4,047) Co-Curricular (84) 9,823.51
Hauff Mid-America Sports, Inc., Basketballs 411.90
Heil Electric, Supplies – Service Calls 618.56
[Imprest Fund November Claims 290.00
Region Five Band, Music Feistval Fee $20.00
US Post Office, Postage Expense $135.00
US Post Office, Postage Expense $135.00
Total Imprest Claims: $290.00]
J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc., Vocal Music 91.29
Jostens, Diploma Covers 85.52
KO’s Pro Service, Vehicle Maintenance/Shop Supplies 97.61
Napa Auto Parts, Vehicle Maintenance/Building Supplies  119.71
Northwest Pipe Fittings, Boiler Parts 27.18
NorthWestern Public Service, Electric Service 2,407.36
Petty Cash, Postage Expense 5.30
Reader’s Den, Library Books 53.55
Sanborn County Treasurer, First Aid/Defibrillator Supplies 178.73
Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publications 95.36
Santel Communications, Phone/Cable/Internet 281.41        South Dakota Department of Health, Contracted Nurse Services 140.00
South Dakota High School Activities Association, Journalism Dues 31.00
Selland, Crystal, Mileage – Business Meeting 29.40
Waste Management of Huron, Garbage Service 559.99            Weber, Rodrick  Reimbursement – Cell Phone 158.99
West River Foundation, Conference Registration – P. Lynch 175.00
Wheelers Business Products, PrinterPart/Cartridges – Library 103.98
Youngblood, Lumber-Shop/Some Reimburseed By Students 492.78
Fund Total: 17,819.76
Capital Outlay
A&B Business Equipment, Copier Lease/Supplies 873.90
First National Bank SD, Qzab Bond Payment 3,333.33
First National Bank, Interest Payment On Capital Outlay Certificate 13,345.00
Midwest Boiler Repair, Boiler Repairs/Inspection 9,528.11
Fund Total: 27,080.34
Special Education
Avera St. Lukes, Client Services 1,015.56
Parent/Guardian, Parent/Guardian Mileage 159.10
Jenssen, Gloria, Student Transportation 40.00
Spurs, Client Services 150.00        Fund Total: 1,364.66
Food Service
Ameripride Services, Laundry Service 12.95
Chemical Sanitizing Systems, Dishwasher Rent/Chemical 194.20
Child and Adult Nutrition, Food 545.36
Cwd, Food/Supplies 1,652.28
Darin’s Market, Supplies 13.45
Earthgrains Company, Food 60.20
Variety Food, Food/Supplies 2,816.87
Fund Total: 5,295.31
Chris Selland gave the financial report. The new general fund opt-out amount will be starting with January 2012 taxes and the reduction in Capital Outlay (from $2.50 per $1,000 of valuation to $2.00) and Special Education (from $1.40 per $1,000 of valuation to $1.00)  levies will also start in January 2012.
Superintendent Weber advised that the winter sports season with basketball and wrestling is underway and off to a good start. He discussed the Governors address as it pertained to education funding for FY2014, with expectations that the Legislature could approve funding increases based on current state statute. We would still be funded at levels per student several hundred dollars less than the 2010 per pupil allocation (due to the 6.6 percent cut in FY2012 and very minimal increase in FY2013).
The lunch program was discussed briefly with further discussion to be held at the January meeting.
Principal Paula Lynch advised that the Christmas craft fair had been organized and the Elementary Parent’s Club was planning their “Merry Mixing Day” for December 19th.
Motion was made by Darrin Uttecht, with a second by Jason White, to approve the purchase of new band percussion equipment for the band and the newly-formed drumline core at a cost of approximately $8,249.50. Motion carried.  The source of funding for the equipment consists of:  Federal reap grant to the district in the amount of $5,438.00, Band fundraising from the marching band concert/lasagna feed in the amount of $1,701 and a donation from the Booster Club of $1,110.50. Motion carried. The District and Mr. Kroeger would like to thank the public and Booster Club for their generous support of this project. The Sanborn Central Band will be purchasing a similar amount of equipment and the drumline will be a joint one between the two schools.
Motion was made by Jason White, with a second by Darrin Uttecht, to approve Neil Putnam as the District’s vote for Associated School Boards of South Dakota Southeastern Region Board of Directors.  Motion carried.
Due to a conflict with the 281 Girl’s Basketball Tournament on January 14th, the regular board meeting will be held on January 14th, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. This change was approved on a motion by Todd Olinger, with a second by Jason White.  Motion carried.
There being no further business to come before the Board, the December 10th, 2012 regular meeting of the Woonsocket Board of Education was officially adjourned at 7:35 p.m. on a motion made by Gary Steichen, with a second by Darrin Uttecht. Motion carried.
Vice Chair
Business Manager

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