4-H Fashion Revue and public presentations

4-H members participating in the Fashion Revue include, back row (left to right): Taryn Ziebart, Kaylee White, Tristan Ziebart, Taylor Lindsey; front row: Carver Lindsey, Dilyn Brooks, Banion Niles, Trista White, Alexis Kelly.

The Sanborn County 4-H Building in Forestburg was busy with activities on July 22.  Beginning at 1 p.m., the annual Fashion Revue Contest was held with Betty Widman of Mitchell as judge.
In Fashion Revue, 4-Hers are invited to model a complete outfit they have sewn or purchased. The complete outfits can be chosen from several different categories:
• “Sew and Buy” where the member constructs at least one garment and then purchases another to make a complete outfit. (An example would be sewing a pair of shorts and then buying a shirt to match.)
• With a “Selected Outfit”, 4-Hers model a complete outfit that they have purchased to create a total look. Good buymanship is an important aspect for this category.
• In “Constructed Outfit,” the member constructs all the garments in the outfit.
This year there were nine 4-Hers participating in Fashion Revue. In the project area of “Sew and Buy,” we had Tristan Ziebart, Taryn Ziebart, Kaylee White, Trista White, Taylor Lindsey (two outfits), Alexis Kelly and Carver Lindsey. Showing off their “Selected Outfits”, we had Dilyn Brooks (two outfits), Banion Niles, Kaylee White and Trista White.  Sewing a complete “Constructed Outfit” was Alexis Kelly.
4-Hers will be modeling their outfits during Achievement Days at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 3 following the community barbecue.
At 6:30 p.m. that evening, the 4-H Building was the site for the Public Presentation Contest.  Judges for the event were Karen Petrik of Ethan and Glenda Gassman of Canova. 4-Hers participating in the contest chose from three different types of presentations.  They included:
• Demonstration (maximum length, 25 minutes):  A 4-Hers shows an accurate step-by-step process of actions and explanations that results in a finished product.
• Illustrated Talk (maximum length, 25 minutes):  Individuals give original illustrated talks showing how something is accomplished using a combination of speaking about and showing one or more visual aids (such as Power Point).
• Public Speaking (3-6 minutes): A member chooses a subject or topic which relates to an aspect of 4-H.  Public Speaking is telling about your experiences or what you learned about the topic.
Participating in Public Speaking this year were: Ashley Schmit, purple on “Economic Impact on Conservation”; Meghan Chada, blue on “Native South Dakota Grasses”; Banion Niles, blue on “Character is Who You Are”; Logan Hattervig (Miner County), purple on “Character Soldier”.
Demonstration: Banion Niles, blue on “Making Flowers for the Garden.”
Illustrated Talk: Megan Linke, purple on “Sew Far Sew Good”; Nathan Linke, purple on “Benefits of Technology in Ag”; Nick Snedeker, blue on “Guns & Gear: A Guide to Safe Hunting”; Shaun Snedeker, blue on “Don’t Go for the Burn”; Corrie Snedeker, purple on “Catching Cattle”; Aaron Linke, purple on “Honoring our Colors”; Jonathan Linke, purple on “Breeding Season Do’s & Don’ts.”

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