Sanborn Central School Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes of School Board Meeting

The School Board of Sanborn Central School District 55-5 met in regular session on Friday, July 12, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. in the Sanborn Central Conference Room with the following present: Austerman, Miller, Schmit and VanLaecken. Others present were Superintendent Whitney; Business Manager. Bechen; and Clayton Dean. Absent: Olson.
Pledge of Allegiance.
Motion by Miller, seconded by Olson, all aye, to approve the agenda as printed.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Austerman, all aye, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting June 10, 2013 as printed.
Visitors to board meeting: Clayton Dean.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to approve the Financial Statement and bills.
General Fund balance May 31, 2013: 367,529.82. Receipts: mje 5,059.68. June 1, 2013 balance: 372,589.50. Receipts: taxes 75,964.36, penalties/interest 158.62, interest 16.00, pupil income 13.65, other local income 60.11, state fines 143.62, state aid 37,330.00, Title III 880.00, medicaid payment 3,077.00, yearbook 680.00, Woonsocket reimbursement 21,801.96, cooperative teacher payment 212.00, SD High School Activities Association travel reimbursement 2,679.27, mje 48,978.08. Expenditures: 137,291.28. Balance June 30, 2013: 427,292.89. Invested 25,000. CorTrust Savings balance June 1, 2013: 407,961.58. Receipts: interest 151.74. Expenditures: service charge 4.95. Balance: June 30, 2013: 408,108.37.
Capital Outlay Fund balance June 1, 2013: 808,455.49. Receipts: taxes 46,563.15, penalties/interest 101.22, interest 32.70.  Expenditures 46,451.36. Balance: June 30, 2013: 808,701.20.
Special Education Fund balance June 1, 2013: 420,037.54. Receipts: taxes 1,063.41, penalties/interest 2.48, interest 16.70, IDEA Part B 11,694.00, Medcaid payment 257.00, Woonsocket reimbursement speech salary/benefits 11,639.51. Expenditures 31,410.17, mje 76.12. Balance, June 30, 2013 413,224.35.  CorTrust Savings balance June 1, 2013: 1,869.37. Receipts: interest 1.53.  Expenditures: service charge .05. Balance June 30, 2013: 1,870.85.
Pension Fund balance June 1, 2013: 101,121.60. Receipts: taxes 2,115.49, penalties/interest 4.66, interest 2.09. Expenditures: mje 52,769.75. Balance June 30, 2013: 50,474.09.
Food Service Fund balance June 1, 2013: 26,097.22. Receipts: interest 2.09, student lunches 326.70, lunch certification 98.88, federal reimbursement 3,244.92, proration commodities 751.20, mje 76.12. Expenditures 7,528.76. Balance June 30, 2013: 23,068.37.
Enterprise Fund balanceJune 1, 2013: 170.10. Receipts: 0.00. Expenditures: mje 170.10. Balance June 30, 2013: 0.00.
Scholarship Fund balance June 1, 2013: 20,877.64. Receipts: interest .86. Expenditures: 0.00. Balance June 30, 2013: 20,878.50.
Trust and Agency Funds balance June 1, 2013: 39,190.33. Receipts 343.65. Expenditures 2,819.90. Balance June 30, 2013: 36,714.08.
Salaries and benefits for the month of July, 2013 were as follows:
General Fund: 110,079.35;
Special Education: 12,961.74;
Food Service: 4,212.42.
Claims approved:
GENERAL FUND – A & B Business, copier maintenance 309.45, high school supply 216.08; A-Ox Welding, cylinder rent 12.09; Associated School Boards of South Dakota, membership dues 809.38; Jennifer Chance, drivers ed gas 15.00; Department of Revenue, water testing 419.00; Farmers Elevator Co., janitor supply 60.13; First National Insurance, workmans comp insurance 10,054.66; Heartland Paper Co., copier paper 1,944.00; Hillyard, janitor supply 2,431.34;
[IMPREST FUND: SDAAE, Ag. summer conference 399.00; Gwen Senska, application fee 5.00; VISA, high school supply 138.98, superintendent travel 133.35];
Lodge at Deadwood, superintendent conference room 262.24; Menards, janitor supply 401.40; Midwest Fire & Safety, fire extinguisher inspection 343.50; Petty Cash, postage 20.40; Riddell/All American Sports, recondition football equipment 654.97; Sanborn Weekly Journal, board proceedings/certificate of election 82.35; SASD, membership dues 1,347.95; SD Department of Health, nurse service 210;
SD Department of Environment and Natural Resources, annual fee 10.00; SD Teacher Placement Center, membership 315.00; SD United Schools Assoc., membership 600.00; Sherwin Williams, paint 367.90; ShopKo, 200 club 25.00; Software Unlimited, software maint. 3,050.00; Sun Gold Sports, vocal ribbons 68.00; TIE, membership dues 800.00; USPS, stamped envelopes 565.10; Wheelco, bus supply 63.66; Woonsocket School District, reimburse travel sports 1,339.63, reimburse IT training travel 71.25.
CAPITAL OUTLAY Fund — Apple Inc., Apple tv (3) 297.00, Macbook 1,182.00; Central Electric, main building electric 2,730.78, bus barn electric 164.00; Explorelearning, Gizmo software 799.00; First National Insurance, insurance coverage 16,333.00; Renaissance Learning, Inc., library software 1,604.00; Santel Communications, rural development loan payment 4,166.67, telephone service 3.12.
SPECIAL EDUCATION Fund – First National Insurance, workmans comp 652.90; Heartland Paper Co., supply 194.40; SD Teacher Placement Center, membership 105.00; Sioux Falls School District, tuition 105.68.
FOOD SERVICE Fund – First National Insurance, workmans comp 2,350.44; Hillyard, supply 220.59; ShopKo, supply 21.58.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Austerman, all aye, to approve Budget Resolution #3. General Fund: middle school supply 5,000.00, nurse services 56.00; Means of Finance General Fund surplus cash 5,056.00; Special Education Fund: Educational Inst tuition 100.00; Means of Finance Special Education surplus cash 100.00.
Linda Whitney reported on the upcoming ASBSD-SASD Joint Convention, Superintendent Conference, Google Chromebooks, Direct Digital Control to update existing Siemens Talon control system, Piggyback off Bus Bids with possible action to follow, and information back from area superintendents on giving extra weight to certain courses.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to approve piggyback onto Hitchcock/Tulare bus bid with Foreman Bus Sales to purchase a 29-passenger bus.
Based upon the provisions of SDCL 13-11-2, the Sanborn Central Board of Education held its annual hearing for adoption of the 2013-2014 School District Budget. Discussion was held.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Austerman, all aye, to approve the adoption of the 2013-2014 Sanborn Central School District 55-5 Budget as amended. General Fund Means of Finance: Est. Surplus to finance budget 305,138.20 change to 186,443.49, State Aid: Regular 306,887.09 change to 425,581.80. Balances remained the same.
There being no further business to come before the 2012-2013 Board of Education, the meeting was adjourned sine die at 5:00 p.m., July 12, 2013.
Appointment to Board and issuance of certificates of election. Administered the Oath of Office to returning board member Murray VanLaecken, appointed to Letcher one-year term, and new board member Clayton Dean, Artesian, two-year term. They read the Oath of Office as Board Members of the Sanborn Central School District 55-5.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to approve Superintendent Whitney as temporary Board Chair.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Dean, all aye, to nominate Rick Miller as Chairman of the 2013-2014 Board of Education.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Dean, all aye, to nominate Troy Olson as Vice Chair of the 2013-2014 Board of Education.
Motion by Dean, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to approve the committee appointments as recommended by the Board Chair: Legislative – Rick Miller; Negotiations: Rick Miller, Murray VanLaecken, and Superintendent Whitney; ASBSD Delegate Rick Miller, alternate – Brenda Schmit; Capital Outlay – Clayton Dean, Troy Olson and Superintendent Whitney; Parent Action Team – Brenda Schmit; JVEC – Superintendent Whitney; and SIVN – Superintendent Whitney.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to approve the District’s annual membership in TIE;
to designate the Business Manager and the Superintedent as custodians of all accounts within the District;
to designate the Business Manager and the Superintendent to sign pertinent documents in the other’s absence and authorize the use of Board President’s or Superintendent’s signature stamps when required;
to designate First National Insurance as the insurance agent of record;
to designate Superintendent Whitney as Director of all federal programs for the Sanborn Central School District and authorize her to submit applications for such programs;
to designate the high school and K-8 principals as the School District’s truancy officers;
to designate Gerry Kaufman as the School District’s attorney of record;
to designate Linda Whitney and Gayle Bechen as the school’s authorized representative to the SDRS and Insurance Groups, as well as the School District’s custodian of related accounts;
to establish the date/time for monthly school board meetings as the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.;
to establish the board member’s per diem at $60.00 per regular and special meeting and mileage at State rates, with the Board Chair at $70.00 per meeting;
to authorize Superintendent/High School Principal Whitney, K-8 Principal Vermeulen, and Transportation Supervisor Steve Whitney to postpone/cancel school for reasons of inclement weather and emergencies;
to adopt the following order of business for the 2013-2014 Board of Education: 1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance; 2. Additional Agenda Items; 3. Approval of Agenda; 4. Approval of Minutes; 5. Visitors to the Board Meeting; 6. Financial Reports/Bills/Governance; 7. Reports and Items of Discussion; 8. Old Business; 9. New Business; and 10. Adjournment;
to adopt Robert’s Rule of Order (revised) as the official governing document for the board of education meetings;
to approve that board action may be taken if it is approved by the majority of members voting; to designate Superintendent Whitney and Transportation Supervisor Steve Whitney as those responsible for transportation in the Sanborn Central School District; to approve assurance of compliance standards for all federal/state programs;
to approve the annual School Bus Emergency Assistance Pact for the 2013-14 school year;
to designate the Sanborn Weekly Journal as the official Sanborn Central School District’s newspaper;
to approve state travel rates and per diem allowances (i.e. state rates). Up to $5.00 breakfast, $9.00 lunch, and $12.00 supper. The mileage is dictated by the state and mileage allowances will be set by their standard and district policy. The lodging rate is cost. Students receive $6.00 per meal;
to designate Superintendent Whitney as the purchasing agent for the Sanborn Central School District;
to approve the following fees for 2013-14: admission prices – regular games, students $2.00, adults $4.00, above age 65 free; double header games – students $3.00, adults $5.00, above age 65 free; student activity passes – $20.00, adult activity passs $40.00, and family passes $80.00, complimentary passes – employees/board members; hot lunch prices as: $3.50 for adults, $2.25 for PK-5, $2.50 for 6-12; breakfast club: $1.75 PK-12, adult breakfast $1.75; yearbook: without name $36.00, with name $41.00;
to approve substitute teacher pay as $70.00 for non-certified and $90 for certified. Long-term substitute for the same teacher after five consecutive days will be $100 per day if certified;
to approve substitute bus driver pay in the amount of $50 for full route (a.m./p.m.) and extra duty pay as $9.00 per hour;
to designate the CorTrust Bank of Artesian and Letcher as the official depository of school funds;
to appoint Linda Whitney and Gayle Bechen as administrators of the Trust/Agency account and to institute any school lunch agreements;
to authorize the board chair to call recesses;
to appoint Carlon and Miller (prof. LLC) as the District’s audit firm;
to authorize continuation of existing funds or accounts and the establishment of any new accounts, if necessary; and
to approve the current school board policies. Discussion was held.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Dean, all aye, to approve membership in the South Dakota United Schools Association for the 2013-2014.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Dean, all aye, to declare certain band instruments and equipment as surplus property to trade in for newer equipment.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to approve the resignation of Ashly Uecker and the two week notice to not rehire Jenni Greenway as SPED paraeducators effective immediately.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Dean, all aye, to approve the 2013-2014 Parent-Student Handbook as revised.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Dean, all aye, to approve Jeff Sewall as fifth and sixth boys basketball coach for the 2013-14 school year.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by VanLaecken, all aye, to approve Rick Olsen as head volleyball coach and contract of Krista Evenson as seventh and eighth volleyball coach for the 2013-14 school year.
Sanborn Central Staff Contracts 2013-2014 – Administration: Gayle Bechen, business manager 33,700.00; Connie Vermeulen, elementary/middle school principal 49,776; Linda Whitney, .50 superintendent/.40 high school principal/.10 guidance 86,057.00; Certified Staff: Jennifer Chance, summer 2013 drivers education 4,630.00 (shared), Title I teacher 43,820.00, Barbara Coulthard, .50 Reading Recovery/.10 middle school social studies 22,692; Candace Danek, high school teacher 41,020.00, high school play/one act advisor 1,350.00, oral interp advisor 970.00, yearbook advisor 1,700.00;
Richard Danek, high school teacher 45,220.00; Krista Evenson, elementary teacher 33,950.00, middle school volleyball coach 1,350.00; Marci Farmer, middle school science-health/elementary computer teacher 33,550.00; Susan Farrell-Poncelet, middle school teacher 30,150.00; Corey Flatten, middle school/high school social studies teacher 31,350.00, Woonsocket/Wessington Springs/Sanborn Central co-op assistant football coach 2,044.00 (shared), co-op assistant track coach 1,700.00 (shared); co-prom advisor 485.00, high school student council advisor 400.00;
Rachael Foster, colony teacher 33,420.00; Shane Gross, ag. teacher 30,150.00 (shared), ffa advisor 1,300.00, ffa advisor-Woonsocket 1,150.00 (reimbursed); John Harless, colony teacher 32,550.00, two additional levels 4,000.00; Jeannette Knigge, 2013 special education summer school 20.00/hour; colony teacher 31,420.00, two additional levels 4,000.00; Jennifer Larson, elementary teacher 34,020.00; Tim McCain, middle school/high school math/pe teacher 35,020.00, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op co-head girls basketball coach 3,200.00 (shared), Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op head track coach 2,565.00 (shared), District Athletic Director 3,700.00;
Kelly McClane, speech therapist 36,620.00 (shared); Robin Moody, elementary teacher 33,820.00, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op fifth/sixth girls basketball coach 700.00 (shared); Tracy Moody, high school teacher 35,420.00, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op assistant volleyball coach 2,280.00 (shared), co-prom advisor 485.00, National Honor Society advisor 340.00; Debbie Ogle, elementary teacher 35,420.00; Jill Reimer, elementary teacher 36,620.00; Paula Sanderson, K-12 special education teacher 35,420.00; Cheryl Schmit, elementary teacher 35,020.00; Gwen Senska, vocal music teacher 37,020.00 (shared), K-12 extra vocal events 2,555.00 (shared);
Kim Sevareid, preschool teacher 30,620.00; Classified Staff: Mary Ackman, administration assistant 11.85/hour; Rob Baruth, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op co-head girls basketball coach 3,200.00 (shared); Cindy Chance, Title I aide – colony 11.69/hour; Barbara Coulthard, special education para 11.69/hour; Justin Dean, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op junior varsity girls basketball coach 2,280.00 (shared); Karen Dewaard, custodian 9.50/hour; Jenny Easton, special education para 10.80/hour; Jolene Enfield, librarian aide 11.17/hour; Joyce Everhart, head cook – manager 23,000; Karen Fouberg, District aide 11.29/hour;
Vickie Fox, special education para 9.80/hour; Gary Goudy, bus driver 10,243.00; Judy Hemminger, bus driver 11,372.00; Sheryl Ischen, ddn supervisor/lunch bills 11.17/hour; Kevin Kingsbury, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket junior high boys basketball coach 1,350.00 (shared); Tina Luthi, dishwasher/cook helper/janitor helper 10.57/hour; Troy Olson, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op co-head boys basketball coach 2,800.00 (shared); Clyde Ross, bus driver 11,372.00; Mark Seitz, cleaning custodian 23,600.00;
Jeff Sewall, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op fifth/sixth boys basketball coach 700.00 (shared); Rita Trebil, summer custodian 9.90/hour, special education para 9.49/hour; Ashly Uecker, 2013  special education summer school 20/hour; Mary Unterbrunner, assistant cook 10.57/hour; Connie VanOverschelde, special education aide 10.09/hour; Mark VanOverschelde, school maintenance 5,000.00; Steve Whitney, bus supervisor 13,619.84, bus driver 11,372.00; Gary Willman, bus driver 9,338.00; Melissa Wormstadt, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op cheerleader advisor 900.00 (shared);
Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op coaches paid by Woonsocket: Shannon Foos, junior high girls basketball coach 700.00; Mitch Korbel, junior high boys basketball coach 700.00; Rick Olsen, head volleyball coach 3,200.00, assistant high school boys basketball coach 2,280.00; Armando Rodriquez, assistant high school track coach 1,700.00; Shelly Schlicht, assistant high school/junior high track coach 1,700.00; Dayna Tschakert, junior high girls basketball coach 1,350.00, assistant volleyball coach 2,280.00; Rod Weber, co-head boys basketball coach 3,200.00.
Woonsocket/Wessington Springs, Sanborn Central and Sanborn Central/Woonsocket co-op coach contracts are shared evenly between the member schools.
The next regular board meeting will be held on Aug. 12, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Central School Conference Room in Forestburg.
Motion by VanLaecken, seconded by Dean, all aye, to adjourn the meeting at 5:25 p.m.
Gayle Bechen
Business Manager                Rick Miller
Board Chair

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