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Dorothy Weinberger, after over 14 years as an Artesian correspondent, is retiring from her position and would like to place her column in the willing hands of someone new. Sanborn Weekly Journal correspondents receive a free subscription, a small weekly stipend paid quarterly, and free bold advertising and thank yous, along with free birthday wishes display ads for immediate family. News may be faxed or emailed to the Sanborn Weekly Journal through the appropriate correspondent or directly to 605-796-4221 or Contact us at the number or email above for more information.

    Edna Olson returned home on Sunday after spending time at the Bob and Nancy Arend home in Sioux Falls.  They met Neal and Kathy Olson and Bill and Gayle Klein in Mitchell on Sunday and all had Easter dinner together.  They spent the afternoon visiting at Edna’s home at Countryside Living.
Jeff, Angie, Cayden and Brady Scott hosted an Easter family supper at their home near Canistota on Saturday afternoon and evening.  Guests were Evelyn Wormstadt, Jeff, Melissa, Tristen, Cole and Alex Wormstadt, Brady Jacobsen, Morgan Renshaw, Marty, Tambi, Aiden, Noah and Kara Wormstadt and Lowell and Judy Wormstadt.
Don, Karen and Leona Klinkner had Easter dinner at Cheryl and Jerry Toerings in Chamberlain.
Marion and Deanna Dean attended the annual Artesian firemans pancake feed at noon.
A carry-in supper on Sunday  evening by Jeff  and Molly  Ebersdorfer  to the Marion  Dean  home was also enjoyed by family members.
Marion and Deanna Dean  visited at the Doug Peterson  home on Tuesday  evening.
Marion and Deanna Dean hosted Easter dinner and supper on Sunday to 53 family members from Alexandria, Sioux  Falls, Avon, Watertown,  Woonsocket and Artesian.
Don, Vicki and Tom Scott and Roger Brink enjoyed Easter dinner at the Cabaret in Carthage. There was a huge crowd.
Bernice Seitz was an Easter dinner guest at the home of Mark and Angela Seitz.
Gene and Mae Ellingson were Easter dinner guests at the home of their sister-in-law, Glenda Oakley, in Huron on Sunday. They also visited Mae’s brother, Richard Oakley, at the nursing home.
Kristi and Wade Kaiser, Corey Olson, Kelly Olson and Kadyn and Avery were Easter dinner guests of their mother and grandmother, Shirley Olson.
Joan Gaston was an Easter dinner guest at the home of Judy and Steve Gaston at their home near Mitchell. Many other family members also attended.
Roger Brink was a supper guest of Doug and Rita Trebil Thursday evening.
On Friday, Ken and Connie Ruml, Pat Grassel and Rita Trebil had lunch together.
Zelma Kneen was an Easter dinner guest at the home of Robert and Velma Kneen.
Rita Trebil visited her aunt, Lucy Kunkweiler, at the Avera Brady Nursing home.
David and Penny Brooks of Letcher hosted their annual Easter holiday dinner. Guests were Derek and Tara Morris and family, Aaron and Erin Roth and family, Kris and Tanya Weinberger and family of Piedmont, Dorothy Weinberger, Rena Hellelaib and Ryan and Ren Hoffman of Mitchell.
Rita and Doug Trebil were Easter dinner guests of Marla Morris and family in Sioux Falls. Other guests were Tony and Becki Kahnke and Albert, Barb Severson and Riley of Florence and Angela and Aaron Olson and sons of Wolsey.
Roger Brink was a Sunday supper guest of Rita and Doug Trebil.
Leona Klinkner and Don and Karen Klinkner were Easter dinner guests of Jerry and Cheryl Toering at their home in Chamberlain. Other family members also attended.
Carl Olson and Mary Crane visited Leona Klinkner on Monday.
Dorothy Weinberger visited Leona Klinkner on Friday.

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