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Dorothy Weinberger, after over 14 years as an Artesian correspondent, is retiring from her position and would like to place her column in the willing hands of someone new. Sanborn Weekly Journal correspondents receive a free subscription, a small weekly stipend paid quarterly, and free bold advertising and thank yous, along with free birthday wishes display ads for immediate family. News may be faxed or emailed to the Sanborn Weekly Journal through the appropriate correspondent or directly to 605-796-4221 or Contact us at the number or email above for more information.

Joan Gaston and her daughter, Nita Kingsbury, of Williamsburg, Va., attended the graduation of Leah Baysinger at Sanborn Central School on Saturday, May 16. They also attended the graduation party at the home of her parents, Thad and Shauna Baysinger.
Leona Klinkner has returned to Wesley Acres after being a resident of Avera Brady Rehab for three weeks.
Roger Brink was a Friday evening supper guest of Doug and Rita Trebil.
The American Legion and Auxiliary is hosting the Memorial Day service Monday at 1:30 p.m. Any auxiliary members please bring bars.             SJ39-1tb
Lorraine (Edwards) Altizer of Ft. Wayne, Ind., and Margo Edwards visited Dorothy Weinberger on Tuesday afternoon.
Don and Karen Klinkner and Leona Klinkner attended graduation at Sanborn Central School on Saturday at 4 p.m. They also attended the graduation party at the Artesian Community Center for Jarid Bechen and Cole Wormstadt.
Ardis Thompson of Lincoln, Neb., Linda Horner of Hot Springs and Nita Kingsbury of Williamsburg, Va., are visiting Joan Gaston.
Mae and Gene Ellingson attended the graduation party at the Neil Senska home in Forestburg for Dylan Senska, who graduated from Sanborn Central, and Parker Senska, who had graduated from SDSU in Brookings.
Ellen Jean Anderson visited Dorothy Weinberger Sunday afternoon.
Lois and Wayne Liedtke returned home to Windsor, Colo., after coming to Artesian to make plans for the Figland reunion that was held Sunday, May 10 at the community center. Cousins Freya Schmus and Karen and Emily Smith also came to help with the preparations.
Zelma Kneen and Arthur and Audrey Kneen attended Lucas Lund’s high school graduation reception in Sioux Falls on Sunday.
Leona Klinkner visited Dorothy Weinberger Sunday afternoon.
Doug and Rita Trebil attended the eighth grade graduation of Bailey Olson from Wolsey School. They also attended his graduation party at the home of his parents, Aaron and Angela Olson of Wolsey.
Mary Weinberger visited Dorothy Weinberger Thursday afternoon.
Jean Wormstadt, Deanna Dean, Jerolyn Dean and Judy Wormstadt attended the Guest Day at the Letcher Community Church on Thursday afternoon.  It was an inspirational and fun afternoon with a delicious lunch.
John Hoffman and Chuck Leir from Milan, Ill. came for the weekend to attend Cole Wormstadt’s high school and Alex Wormstadt’s eighth grade graduations at Sanborn Central on Saturday afternoon. Out-of-town guests attending in honor of the boys were Evelyn Wormstadt, Allen and Karen Gross, Ryan and Dawn Gross and family, Teresa and Brooklyn Mettler, Todd Gross and Jason and Amy Gross and family.
Jeff, Melissa, Tristen, Cole and Alex Wormstadt enjoyed supper together on Sunday evening at Whiskey Creek restaurant in celebration of Melissa’s birthday.


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