Woonsocket School Board meeting


The Woonsocket Board of Education met in regular session on November 9, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the library/media center of the Woonsocket School.   Members attending were:  Darrin Uttecht, Jason White, Gary Steichen, Lisa Snedeker and Todd Olinger. Others attending were Superintendent Rod Weber, Paula Lynch, Chris Selland, Lynn Klaas, Brett Kroeger, Connie Swenson, Hillary Lutter and Evan Hendershot (Daily Republic).  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.
On a motion by Todd Olinger, seconded by Gary Steichen, the Board approved the meeting agenda with one additional item to come before the Board.  Motion carried.
The minutes of the regular board meeting held on October 12, 2015 were approved as presented on a motion by Gary Steichen, seconded by Darin Uttecht.  Motion carried.
Connie Swenson addressed the Board in response to the resolution presented to the SD High School Activities Association regarding the potential negative influence of Native American mascots and imagery.  The Board thanked her for her input.
On a motion by Todd Olinger, seconded by Lisa Snedeker, the Board approved the claims presented and the October 2015 financial report as follows:  Motion carried.
GENERAL FUND:  Beginning balance: $1,103,855.01; Add receipts:  Taxes $14,831.83; Interest $419.44; Other local: $9,652.56;  State $62,083.00; Federal $0.00;  Total to be accounted for:  $1,190,841.84;  less disbursements $159,844.45;  less operating transfer to Food Service Fund $10,000.00;  Cash Balance: $1,020,997.39.
CAPITAL OUTLAY  Beginning balance: $499,750.97; Add receipts:  Taxes $8,410.56;  Other local  0.00;  Federal  $0.00;  Total to be accounted for:  $508,161.53;  less disbursements $3,971.57;   Cash balance: $504,189.96.
SPECIAL EDUCATION  Beginning balance:  $325,729.98; Add receipts:  Taxes $4,296.82; Other Local $0.00;  State $0.00;  Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $330,026.80;  less disbursements $10,286.58; Cash balance: $319,740.22.
PENSION: Beginning balance:  $180,422.49; Add receipts:  Taxes $1,078.43; Other Local $0.00;  Total to be accounted for: $181,500.92;  less disbursements $0.00; Cash balance: $181,500.92.
FOOD SERVICE Beginning balance: $13,951.82; Add receipts:  Pupil receipts $5,583.20;  Adult receipts $173.00;  Interest $.79;  Other local $273.05;  State $0.00; Federal reimbursement $7,719.22; Operating transfer in from General Fund $10,000.00; Total to be accounted for: $37,701.08; less disbursements $12,328.45; Cash  balance: $25,372.63.
ENTERPRISE FUND #53 Beginning balance: $42,233.61;  Add receipts: Other local $920.00;   Total to be accounted for: $43,153.61; less disbursements $4,010.46; Cash balance:  $39,143.15.
TRUST AND AGENCY  Beginning balance: $32,986.83; Add receipts: Interest $1.48; Pupil activities $11,098.23;  Total to be accounted for: $44,086.54; less disbursements $10,209.14; Cash Balance: $33,877.40.
Salaries and benefits for the month of October 2015 were as follows:
General Fund:    $109,519.38
Special Education:  $10,112.60
Enterprise #53:   $4,010.46
Food Service:  $5,264.73
American Legion Post #29, Flags $50.00
Associated School Boards of South Dakota, Region Meeting-L. Snedeker $20.00
AT&T, Cell Phone $141.22
Brown & Saenger, High School Supplies $3.98
Burnison Plumbing & Heating, Baseboard Heater Repair $399.22
City of Woonsocket, Water Service $124.28
DB Electric, Replace Exhaust Fans/Crows Nest Service $556.73
Express 2, Gas – Vehicles/Mini-Bus $428.75
Express Stop, Gas – Mini-Bus/Lawnmower $117.30
Gross, Shane, Reimb. – Gas – National FFA Trip $174.27
[Imprest Fund:
Calmus, Lynn, Referee/Mileage-Vollyeball $111.92
Cash, FFA National Team/Advisor-Meal Allowance $404.00
Cash, All-State Chorus & Advisor Meals $276.00
Duxbury, Dean, Referee-Volleyball $80.00
Duxbury, Dean, Referee-Volleyball $80.00
Freeman High School, All State Chorus Practice Session $35.00
Hajek, Jamie, Referee-Football $80.00
Hajek, Jamie, Football Referee Correction $20.00
Highmore/Harrold School, Region Cross-Country Fee $47.58
Howard, Carrie, Clock Operator-2015 Fall Games $150.00
Howard School, Cross-Country Fee $15.00
Jones, Chuck, Referee-Football $80.00
Jones, Chuck, Football Referee Correction $20.00
Kiehl, Lori, Referee-Volleyball $80.00
Moore, Clayton, Referee-Football $80.00
Moore, Clayton, Football Referee Correction $20.00
Renshaw, Dwight, Referee/Mileage-Football $109.40
Renshaw, Dwight, Football Referee Correction $20.00
Schoenfelder, Steve, Referee-Football $80.00
Schoenfelder, Steve, Football Referee Correction $20.00
Thelen, Dan, Referee/Mileage-Volleyball $101.00
Thelen, Dan, Referee/Mileage-Volleyball $101.00
US Post Office, Postage Expense $147.00
US Post Office, Postage Expense $147.00
White, Bobbi, Line Judge – 2015 Fall Games $200.00
Total Imprest Claims: $2,504.90]
Johnson, Mark, DARE Program Instruction $135.65
K & D Busing Inc., Reg. Route/Co-Curr. Route $14,423.57
Klaas, Lynn, Reimb.-Homecoming Float Supplies $15.97
KO’s Pro Service, Oil Change/Keys $52.00
Lynch, Paula, Uniform Alterations $84.99
Northwest Pipe Fittings, Sprinkler Head-Football $8.98
Northwestern Public Service, Electric Service $2,590.86
Petty Cash, Postage Expense $10.72
Pioneer Randustrial, Field Paint    $352.50
R&L Sanitary Service, Sanitary Services-Football  Field $160.00
Readers Den, Library Books $156.21
Reliance Communications LLC, School Reach Renewal $495.00
Running Supply, Inc., Fertilizer/Supplies $61.30
Sanborn County Ambulance, Staff CPR Classes $500.00
Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publications $553.31
Santel Communications, Phone/Cable/Internet $295.20
Schlicht, Jedd, Reimb.-Background Check-Track $43.25
Scholastic, Subscription $141.57
Teacher Innovations, Planbook Renewal $248.40
Walmart, Memory Card $44.88
Waste Management of Huron, Garbage Service $557.62
Woony Foods, Supplies $19.43
Fund Total:
Capital Outlay
A&B Business Equipment, Copier Lease $926.09
Graves It Solutions, Network Testing/Upgrades $4,288.96
Iverson, 7×16 Trailer $2,620.00
Fund Total: $7,835.05
Special Education
Avera St. Lukes, Client Services $475.74
Feldhaus, Erin, Mileage-Birth To Three Testing $42.00
Pearson Education, Special Education Testing Kit $149.00
Fund Total: $666.74
Food Service
Child and Adult Nutrition Serv, Food $77.00
Earthgrains Company, Food $27.16
United Energy/Farmers Alliance, Propane 99.64
Variety Food, Food, Supplies, Dishwasher, Rent $6,764.90
Woony Foods, Supplies $6.07
Fund Total: $6,974.77
Chris Selland gave the financial report. Capital Outlay certificate refunding was discussed. We are now halfway through the term of our certificate repayment with $740,000.00 owed with a 2025 maturity date. There are two payments of $30,000.00 left on the Santel zero percent interest loan with a maturity date of 2017.  The QZAB Bonds issued for the parking lot have a remaining balance of $23,333.00 with seven annual payments left. Recommendation was to pay off the certificates as scheduled.
Superintendent Weber presented an information packet submitted to the SDHSAA regarding Native American mascots and imagery. There is a SDHSAA meeting on the issue scheduled for January 5 that Superintendent Weber is planning to attend.
The Community Theatre project is planning a fundraiser in January, and the Board would like to thank all of those that have supported the project. As soon as fundraising goals are met and commitments from the City and School are finalized, bids will be let.
School lunch bills were discussed.
Superintendent Weber advised that the students, staff and team are very excited about making the state football playoff game in Vermillion on Thursday and the volleyball team will play Arlington in the Region championship on Tuesday night. Congratulations go out to both teams on their very successful seasons.
There will be an after-school care update to the Board at the regular December meeting.
Principal Paula Lynch advised that the elementary students are busy preparing for the Veterans Day program, hosted by the sixth grade. Also, celebrations are planned for American Education Week next week.
Motion was made by Lisa Snedeker, with a second by Darrin Uttecht, to approve the purchase of an EZ Hauler Aluminum trailer from Iverson at a cost of $5,240.00. Funding will come from:  Woonsocket School Capital Outlay fund – $2,620.00. Woonsocket Band – $1,310.00 and Sanborn Central Band – $1,310.00.  The trailer will be owned, licensed and insured by the Woonsocket District.  The trailer will be used mainly for marching band and winterguard.  Motion carried.
Motion was made by Gary Steichen, with a second by Todd Olinger, to approve Lisa Snedeker as the Woonsocket School Boards Delegate Assembly Representative for the Associated School Boards of South Dakota annual assembly.  Motion carried.
Motion was made to approve the surplus/salvage of two portable salad bar carts.  Motion was made by Darrin Uttecht, with a second by Todd Olinger, and motion carried.  Anyone interested in purchasing the carts may contract Mr. Weber.
Motion was made by Todd Olinger, with a second by Gary Steichen, to approve the resignation of Armando Rodriguez from Assistant Track Coach and hire Jedd Schlicht as replacement at a salary of $1,700.00 (split between Woonsocket and SC).  Motion carried.
Motion was made by Lisa Snedeker, with a second by Darrin Uttecht, to update/approve the following officials pay for 2015-2016:  Clock Operator – $30.00 per varsity game/session ($60 for doubleheaders) and Football Officals – $100.00 (as set by the SDHSAA).  Motion carried.
Motion was made to approve the Woonsocket School English as second language  policy as presented. This is the District’s written plan to assist limited English Proficient Students. Motion was made by Darrin Utttecht, with a second by Todd Olinger, and motion carried.
There being no further business to come before the Board, the November 9, 2015 regular board meeting of the Woonsocket Board of Education was adjourned at 7:38 p.m. on a motion by Gary Steichen, with a second by Todd Olinger.  Motion carried.
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