Sanborn Central School Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes - July 11, 2016

The School Board of Sanborn Central School District 55-5 met in regular session on Monday, July 11, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Central Conference Room with the following present: Adams, Dean, Enfield, Olson and Schmit. Others present were Superintendent Siemsen, and Business Manager Bechen.
Pledge of Allegiance.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Enfield, all aye, to approve the agenda as amended. Discussion items: Bus routes and waste container.
Motion by Dean, seconded by Adams, all aye, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting June 6, 2016 as printed.
Visitors to Board Meeting: None.
Motion by Enfield, seconded by Adams, all aye, to approve the Financial Statement and bills. Discussion was held.
General Fund balance, June 1, 2016: 175,489.77. Receipts: taxes 63,041.03, penalties/interest 211.22, interest 11.14, other local income 479.65, state fines 1,712.18, state aid 33,114.00, admission 2,083.57, yearbook 398.00, Woonsocket School reimbursement teacher share 46,954.93, Medicaid 1,224.59, miscellaneous revenue 571.27, wetland refuge 83.49, Title I 46,132.00, REAP 23,676.00, Title III 210.00, manual journal entry 54,692.11. Expenditures: 152,130.41. Balance, June 30, 2016: 297,954.54. Invested 25,000.00 CorTrust Savings balance, June 1, 2016: 209,663.18. Receipts: interest 78.30. Expenditures: 0.00.  Balance, June 30, 2016: 209,741.48.
Capital Outlay Fund balance, June 1, 2016: 1,094,797.68. Receipts: taxes 30,761.47, penalties/interest 116.99, interest 43.34.  Expenditures: 15,301.41. Balance, June 30, 2016: 1,110,418.07.
Special Education Fund balance, June 1, 2016: 135,212.90. Receipts: taxes 1,218.97, penalties/interest 3.51, interest 7.43, Woonsocket school reimbursement speech 26,049.08, Medicaid 102.00, IDEA Part B 611 49,355.00. Expenditures: 29,005.10. Balance, June 30, 2016: 182,943.79. CorTrust Savings balance, June 1, 2016: 1,822.55. Receipts: interest 0.79. Balance, June 30, 2016: 1,823.34.
Pension Fund balance, June 1, 2016: 50,602.73. Receipts: taxes 4,447.24, penalties/interest 8.55. Expenditures: manual journal entry 54,692.11. Balance, June 30, 2016: 366.41.
Food Service Fund balance, June 1, 2016: (1,205.14). Receipts: student lunches 48.25, proration 649.74, lunch certification 89.16, federal lunch reimbursement 3,032.33. Expenditures: 8,255.57. Balance, June 30, 2016: (5,641.23).
Enterprise Fund balance, June 1, 2016: 1,400.15. Receipts: 0.00. Expenditures: 0.00. Balance, June 30, 2016: 1,400.15.
Scholarship Fund balance,: June 1, 2016: 15,173.15. Receipts: interest 1.05. Expenditures: 1,500.00. Balance, June 30, 2016: 13,674.20. Peters Scholarship balance: 13,674.20; Nelson Scholarship balance: 0.00.
Trust and Agency Funds balance, June 1, 2016: 39,756.17. Receipts: 17,783.37. Expenditures: 10,589.34. Balance, June 30, 2016: 46,950.20.
Motion by Adams, seconded by Dean, all aye, to approve supplemental budget resolution #2 to 2015-2016 budget. Discussion was held. General Fund: nurse services 80.00, tech coordinator sell back 10.00, volleyball salary 70.00. Means of Finance General Fund surplus cash 160.00. Special Education Fund: out-of-district tuition 810.00, 2724 coop administration cost 1.00. Means of Finance Special Education surplus cash 811.00.
Salaries and benefits for the month of July 2016 were as follows:
General Fund: 118,503.66;
Special Education: 13,025.63;
Food Service: 5,300.92.
Claims approved:
GENERAL FUND – A&B Business, Inc., copier lease 781.69, copies 55.62; A-Ox Welding, cylinder rent 30.44; ABOUT, business manager dues 50.00; AMG Rural Clinics, bus driver physical 192.00; ASBSD, dues 848.57; Card Services, board supply 14.98; Carquest Auto Parts, bus supply 10.68; Clayton’s Repair, bus tires 1,241.30; DENR – drinking water fee 10.00; Department of Revenue, water testing 15.00; First National Insurance, insurance coverage 22,007.00, workman comp 10,651.41; Heartland Paper Co., janitor supply 536.70;
[IMPREST FUND: Joanne Nelson, election/mileage 140.96; Nepstads, middle school graduation flowers 42.00; Shirley Northrup, election/mileage 148.68; Myron Sonne, election school/mileage 36.42; VISA, janitor supply 205.74, high school supply 122.36, air cards 120.03; Walmart, preschool screening supply 23.78; Woonsocket School, half region golf 19.21; Judy Wormstadt, election/mileage 139.28];
McLeods, election supplies 62.25, superintendent signature stamp 58.00, laser checks 189.80; Menards, janitor supply 259.36; Midwest Fire & Safety, annual maintenance/recertification extinguisher 98.00, extinguisher supplies 864.75; NCS Pearson, middle school/high school Write to Learn subscription 1,675.80; Ramkota Hotel, state track rooms 1,099.90; Riddell/All American Sports, recondition football equipment 414.56; Sanborn Weekly Journal, notices 180.35, board proceedings 218.44; SASD, membership dues 1,475.00; SD United Schools Assoc., membership 450.00; SDSSA, superintendent conference registration 150.00; Software Unlimited, software maintenance/support 3,400.00; South Dakota Dept. of Health, nurse services 284.00; Sun Gold Sports, track plaque engraving 34.00; TIE, membership 756.00; United Laboratories, janitor supply 415.63; VISA, air cards 120.03, tool kit Chromebooks 5.99.
CAPITAL OUTLAY Fund — Central Electric, electricity 3,414.70; ExploreLearning, gizmo license 799.00; Riddell/All American Sports, new football helmets/pads 1,040.83; Santel Communications, telephone service 473.24; SHI International, software 1,692.14.
SPECIAL EDUCATION Fund – First National Insurance, workman comp 691.65; Huron School District, May/June tuition 1,128.60; Mitchell School District, May tuition 278.70; TIE, membership 84.00.
FOOD SERVICE Fund – Arctic Refrigeration, freezer repair 230.73; First National Insurance, workman comp 2,489.94.
Mr. Siemsen reported on the following:
•    There have been a number of inquires and potential for new students in the District;
•    Work on the asphalt addition to the southeastern parking lot began on July 5th, with hopes for completion the week of July 11th;
•    Custodial work, waxing floors and painting is going well. Carpets will be cleaned the week of July 18th;
•    Annual superintendent’s conference is July 17 – 20th;
•    ASBSD-SASD Joint Convention August 4th and 5th;
•    Seeking a seventh/eighth grade boys basketball coach.
Discussion was held regarding new and current students and our ability/desire to accommodate bus routes. Need to evaluate the routes to assess our ability to accommodate.
Justin Enfield discussed the possibility of having a permanent container from H&R Salvage to accommodate waste not permitted in the regular dumpster.
Old Business:
Motion by Dean, seconded by Adams, all aye, to the canvassing of the votes from the last election held on June 21, 2016. 64 percent were for the proposed resolution and 53 percent voted for Justin Enfield.
Based upon the provisions of SDCL 13-11-2, the Sanborn Central Board of Education held its annual hearing for adoption of the 2016-2017 school district budget. Discussion was held.
Motion by Adams, seconded by Enfield, all aye, to approve the adoption of the 2016-2017 Sanborn Central School District 55-5 budget as printed.
There being no further business to come before the 2015-2016 Board of Education, the meeting was adjourned sine die at 7:20 p.m., July 11, 2016.
Issuance of certificates of election. Administered the Oath of Office to returning board member Justin Enfield – elected to Letcher three-year term. He read the Oath of Office as Board Member of the Sanborn Central School District 55-5.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Dean, all aye, to approve Superintendent Siemsen as temporary Board Chair.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Adams, all aye, to nominate Troy Olson as Chair of the 2016-2017 Board of Education.
Motion by Adams, seconded by Enfield, all aye, to nominate Branda Schmit as Vice Chair of the 2016-2017 Board of Education.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Dean, all aye, to approve the committee appointments as recommended by the Board Chair: Legislative – Brenda Schmit; Negotiations – Troy Olson, Clayton Dean, and Superintendent Siemsen; Associated School Boards of South Dakota Delegate – Troy Olson, alternate – none; Capital Outlay – Justin Enfield, Curtis Adams, and Superintendent Siemsen; JVEC – Superintendent Siemsen; and SIVN – Superintendent Siemsen.
Motion by Adams, seconded by Enfield, all aye, to approve all organizational procedures as follows: to designate the Business Manager and the Superintendent as custodians of all accounts within the District;
to designate the Business Manager and the Superintendent to sign pertinent documents in the other’s absence and authorize the use of Board President’s or Superintendent’s signature stamps when required;
to designate First National Insurance as the insurance agent of record;
to designate Superintendent Siemsen as the Director of all federal programs for the Sanborn Central School District and authorize him to submit applications for such programs;
to designate Rodney Freeman as the School District’s attorney of record;
to designate Justin Siemsen and Gayle Bechen as the school’s authorized representatives to the SDRS and Insurance Groups, as well as the School District’s custodian of related accounts;
to set bond for school business manager at $50,000.00;
to establish the date/time for monthly school board meetings as the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m.;
to establish the board member’s per diem at $60.00 per regular and special meeting and mileage at state rates, with the Board Chair receiving $70.00 per meeting;
to authorize Superintendent/High School Principal Siemsen, PK-8 Principal Vermeulen, and Transportation Supervisor Gary Goudy to postpone/cancel school for reasons of inclement weather and emergencies;
to adopt the following order of business for the 2016-2017 Board of Education: 1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance; 2. Additional Agenda Items; 3. Approval of Agenda; 4. Approval of Minutes; 5. Visitors to the Board Meeting; 6. Financial Reports/Bills; 7. Reports and Items of Discussion; 8. Old Business; 9. New Business; 10. Executive Session (if applicable); and 11. Adjournment;
to approve that board action may be taken if it is approved by the majority of members voting;
to designate Superintendent Siemsen and Transportation Supervisor Gary Goudy as those responsible for transportation in the Sanborn Central School District;
to approve assurance of compliance standards for all federal/state programs;
to approve the annual School Bus Emergency Assistance Pact for the 2016-17 school year;
to approve the Sanborn Weekly Journal as the official Sanborn Central School District’s newspaper;
to approve state travel rates and per diem allowances (i.e. state rates). Up to $6.00 breakfast, $11.00 lunch, and $15.00 supper. The mileage is dictated by the state ($0.42 per mile currently) and mileage allowances will be set by their standard and District policy. The lodging rate is cost. Students receive $6.00 per meal;
to designate Superintendent Siemsen as the purchasing agent for the Sanborn Central School District;
to approve the following fees for 2016-17: admission prices: regular games, students $3.00, adults $5.00, above age 65 free; double header games, students $4.00, adults $6.00, above age 65 free; student activity pass $25.00, adult activity pass $45.00, and family passes $85.00, complimentary passes: employees/board members, hot lunch prices as: $3.75 for adults, $2.55 for PK-5, $2.80 for 6-12, breakfast club: $1.95 PK-12, adult breakfast $2.25, yearbook: without name $38.00; with name $43.00;
to approve substitute teacher pay as $80 for non-certified and $100 for certified. Long-term substitute for the same teacher after five consecutive days will be $125 per day if certified;
to approve substitute bus driver pay in the amount of $70 for full route (a.m./p.m.) and extra duty pay as $11.00 per hour;
to approve election official pay in the amount of $100 per day; to approve the following amounts for officials pay for volleyball officials (2) $85 each per game, line judges (2) each per game, basketball referee for junior varsity/varsity game (2) $85 each, two-man crew for double header games $110 each, three-man crew for double header games $90 each;
to designate the CorTrust Bank of Artesian and Letcher as the official depository of school funds and authorize Gayle Bechen and Justin Siemsen as custodians of all accounts;
to appoint Justin Siemsen and Gayle Bechen as administrators of the Trust/Agency account and to institute any school lunch agreements;
to authorize the board chair to call recesses;
to appoint Schoenfish & Co, Inc. as the District’s audit firm;
to authorize continuation of existing funds or accounts and the establishment of any new accounts, if necessary;
to approve the current school board policies;
to appoint Justin Siemsen and Connie Vermeulen as truancy officers and Justin Siemsen as Title IX, Rehabilitation Act Section 504, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination, and Asbestos compliance officer;
to approve the District’s annual membership in TIE;
and to approve membership in the South Dakota United Schools Association for the 2016-2017 school year.
Motion by Schmit, seconded by Dean, all aye, to approve level change for Deb Ogle from BA/S+30 to BA/S +45 beginning 2016-2017 school year.
Motion by Dean, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to approve the 2016-2017 Parent-Student Handbook as revised. Discussed grading scale.
Motion by Enfield, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to table the purchase of a new 53-passenger bus until more information is collected.
Sanborn Central Staff Contracts 2016-2017:
Administration: Gayle Bechen, business manager $41,215; Justin Siemsen, superintendent/high school principal $72,500; Connie Vermeulen, elementary/middle school principal $56,585;
Certified Staff: Barbara Coulthard, .50 reading recovery/.10 middle school social studies $27,377; Candace Danek, high school teacher $46,995, high school play/one act advisor $1,500, oral interp advisor $1,000, yearbook advisor $1,800; Richard Danek, high school teacher $51,195; Jenny Easton, vocal music teacher $40,425 (shared), PK-12 extra vocal events $2,555 (shared); Marci Farmer, middle school science-health/elementary computer teacher $40,425; Susan Farrell-Poncelet, middle school teacher $36,625, co-prom advisor $650; Corey Flatten, middle school/high school social studies teacher $37,825, WWSSC coop assistant football coach $2,783 (shared), SCW coop head track coach $2,850 (shared); co-prom advisor $650, high school student council advisor $500; Rachael Foster, colony teacher $40,395, one additional level $2,000; Shane Gross, ag teacher $40,787.00 (shared), FFA advisor $1,600, FFA advisor – Woonsocket $1,575 (reimbursement); John Harless, colony teacher $39,025, two additional levels $4,000; Jeannette Knigge, summer school Upland Colony $20/hour, colony teacher $38,395, one additional level $2,000; Jennifer Larson, elementary teacher $40,995; Tim McCain, middle school/high school math/PE teacher $41,995, SCW coop co-head girls basketball coach $3,500 (shared), SCW coop seventh/eighth track coach $1,400 (shared), District athletic director $4,000; Kelly McClane, speech therapist $44,995 (shared); Jenna Miller, Title I teacher $37,025; Robin Moody, elementary teacher $40,795, SCW coop fifth/sixth boys basketball coach $1,000 (shared); Tracy Moody, high school teacher $42,395, SCW coop assistant volleyball coach $2,550 (shared), NHS advisor $500; Krista Moore, elementary teacher $40,425; Debbie Ogle, elementary teacher $48,395; Jill Reimer, elementary teacher $43,595; Paula Sanderson, K-12 special ed teacher $42,395; Cheryl Schmit, elementary teacher $42,395; Kim Sevareid, preschool teacher $37,995;
Classified Staff: Mary Ackman, administrative assististant $16.35/hour; Shawna Baysinger, special ed para – colony $12.25/hour; Cindy Chance, Title I aide-colony $16.19/hour; Barbara Coulthard, special ed para $16.19/hour; Karen Dewaard, custodian $14.00/hour; Wanda Effling, special ed para $13.75/hour; Jolene Enfield, librarian aide $15.67/hour; Joyce Everhart, head cook-manager $29,200; Vickie Fox, special ed para $14.30/hour; Gary Goudy, bus driver $17,900, bus maintenance $5,000; Judy Hemminger, bus driver $17,900; Sheryl Ischen, para/lunch bills $15.67/hour; Tina Luthi, dishwasher/cook helper/janitor helper $15.07/hour; Ashley Moe, custodian $13.50/hour; Troy Olson, SCW coop co-head boys basketball coach $2,800 (shared); Kate Schelske, bus driver $14,520; Mark Seitz, cleaning custodian $29,850; Rita Trebil, summer custodian $14.40/hour, special ed para $13.99/hour; Ashly Uecker, special ed para $14.75/hour; Mary Unterbrunner, assistant cook $15.07/hour; Connie VanOverschelde, special ed aide $14.59/hour; Mark VanOverschelde, school maintenance $5,000; Gary Willman, bus driver $13,000; Melissa Wormstadt, WWSSC coop football cheerleading coach $500 (shared), scw coop girls/boys basketball cheerleading coach $1,100 (shared);  WWSSC coop/SCW coop coaches/shared teachers paid by Woonsocket: Rob Baruth co-head girls basketball coach $3,500; Danielle Johnson, guidance counselor $37,700; Shannon Foos, fifth/sixth girls basketball coach $1,000; Mitchell Korbel, fifth/sixth boys basketball coach $1,000; Brett Kroeger, band teacher $41,200, band concerts $2,600; Rick Olsen, tech coordinator $54,000, head volleyball coach $3,500, assistant high school boys basketball coach $2,580; Emily Olson, assistant high school track coach $2,000, fifth/sixth girls basketball coach $1,000, junior varsity girls basketball coach $2,580; Benito Rodriguez, WWSSC coop assistant football coach $2,783, golf coach $2,865; Dayna Rodriguez, assistant volleyball coach $2,580, seventh/eighth girls basketball coach $1,650; Shelley Schlicht, assistant track coach $2,000; Rod Weber, co-head boys basketball coach $3,500. WWSSC coop coaches paid by Wessington Springs: Jason Kolousek, WWSSC coop head football coach $3,781; Kyle Gerlach, WWSSC coop assistant football coach $2,715; Doug South, WWSSC coop assistant football coach $2,850. WWSSC and SCW coop coaches and shared teachers contracts are shared evenly between the member schools.
The next regular Board meeting will be held on Monday, August 15, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Central School Conference Room.
Motion by Dean, seconded by Schmit, all aye, to adjourn the meeting at 9:26 p.m.
Gayle Bechen
Business Manager
Troy Olson
Board Chair

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