Woonsocket School Board proceedings


The Woonsocket Board of Education met in regular session on February 13th, 2018, at 6:00 p.m. in the Distance Learning room of the Woonsocket School. Members attending were: Jason White, Lisa Snedeker, Jodi Doering and Neal Hiemstra. Todd Olinger was absent. Others attending were Superintendent Rod Weber, Paula Lynch and Chris Selland. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

On a motion by Jodi Doering, seconded by Lisa Snedeker, the Board approved the meeting agenda as presented. Motion carried.

The minutes of the regular board meeting held on January 8th, 2018, and the special board meetings held on January 17th and January 22nd, 2018, were approved as presented on a motion by Jodi Doering, seconded by Neal Hiemstra. Motion carried.

Lisa Snedeker reported that the daycare committee had met and were pursuing a non-profit cooperative option to run the potential daycare as an independent unit.  More research is being done at this time.

On a motion by Lisa Snedeker, seconded by Jodi Doering, the Board approved the claims presented and the January 2018 financial report as follows, motion carried:

GENERAL FUND, Beginning balance: $1,008,183.64;  Add receipts: Taxes $4,228.59; Interest $485.55; Other local $2,547.47;  State $92,844.00; Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $1,108,289.25; less disbursements $162,639.53; Cash balance: $945,649.72; Fund Balance: $945,649.72.

CAPITAL OUTLAY, Beginning balance: $946,969.98; Add receipts: Taxes $3,189.92; Other local $0.00; Federal $0.00. Total to be accounted for $950,159.90;  less disbursements $20,480.90;   Cash balance: $929,679.00;  Fund balance:  $929,679.00.

SPECIAL EDUCATION, Beginning balance: $378,597.98; Add receipts: Taxes $1,506.53; Other local  $0.00; State $0.00; Federal $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $380,104.51; less disbursements $19,735.90; Cash balance: $360,368.61; Fund balance: $360,368.61.

PENSION, Beginning balance: $200,490.95; Add receipts: Taxes $0.00; Other local $0.00; Total to be accounted for: $200,490.95;  less disbursements $0.00; Cash balance: $200,490.95; Fund balance: $200,490.95.

FOOD SERVICE, Beginning balance: $42,707.57; Add receipts:  Pupil receipts $8,832.50; Adult receipts $130.00: Milk receipts $0.00; Interest $1.91; Other local $175.60; State $0.00; Federal reimbursement $5,927.59; Total to be accounted for: $57,775.17;  less disbursements $9,010.07; Cash  balance: $48,765.10;  Fund balance: $48,765.10.

ENTERPRISE FUND #53, Beginning balance: $72,389.05;  Add receipts: Other local  $1,600.00; Total to be accounted for: $73,989.05; less disbursements $4,941.22; Cash balance:  $69,047.83; Fund balance:  $69,047.83.

TRUST AND AGENCY, Beginning balance: $25,913.30; Add receipts: Interest $1.13; Pupil activities $1,301.80; Total to be accounted for: $27,216.23; less disbursements $988.27; Fund balance $26,227.96.

Salaries and benefits for the month of January 2018 were as follows:

General Fund: $123,158.61;

Special Education: $18,692.71;

Enterprise #53: $4,941.22;

Food Service: $5,226.70.


First National Bank, Projector, Music, Audible Fee – Visa $862.79

American Time and Signal, Clock Parts $32.90

AT&T, Cellphone $58.97

Avotek, Aviation Materials $261.71

Brooks Oil, Fuel Oil $7,306.65

Chester Area School, Online Classes $500.00

City of Woonsocket, Water Service $94.50

Coca-Cola, Water Gallons – Elementary $17.04

Core Educational Cooperative, Online Classes $5,120.00

D&L Service, Snow Removal $1,060.00

DB Electric, Parking Lot Lamp Replacement $327.55

DemcoHeadphones – ELL Program $59.93

Eddy, Kim, Mileage – Wrestlers to Practice $12.60

Express 2, Gas – Vehicles $36.90

Express Stop, Gas – Mini-Busses/Vehicles $591.67

Forum Communications, Advertising For Bids – Daily Republic $166.04

Hauff Mid-America Sports Inc., Basketball Scorebooks $82.00

Hillyard, Custodian Supplies $489.26

[Imprest Fund:

Region Music Contest, Region Vocal Contest $50.00

South Dakota Technology Education Association, Conference Fee – D. Schmiedt $100.00

Slykhuis, Clark, Wrestling Referee/Mileage $154.40

US Post Office, Postage Expense $147.00

Total January Claims: $451.40]

K&D Busing Inc., Regular Route/Co-Curricular Route $18,680.55

KO’s Pro Service, Vehicle Maintenance/Bus Battery $169.55

Lehr, Dave, Tech Support Fees $140.00

Lieber, Sarah, Reimbursement – Library Books/Supplies $608.62

Local Lumber, Shop Supplies/Custodian Supplies $186.32

Menards, Shop Supplies $14.88

NorthWestern Public Service, Electric Service $6,081.57

Petty Cash, Postage Expense $12.38

Sanborn Central School, 1/3 Share Football Playoff Loss – From SD High School Activities Association $56.74

Santel Communications, Phone/Cable/Internet $303.35

South Dakota Association of Elementary School Principals, Elementary Principal Conference Fee $150.00

Technology in Education, Online Classes $2,100.00

Waste Management of WI-MN, Garbage Service $698.90

Wessington Springs School, 1/3 Share of Football Playoff Loss – From SD High School Activities Association $56.74

Williams Music & Office, Instrument Repair $62.00

Woony Foods, Supplies $240.99

Wormstadt, Melissa, Reimbursement – Gas – Cheerleaders $20.11

Fund Total: $47,114.61


A&B Business Equipment, Copier Lease $1,168.45

Burnison Plumbing & Heating, Boiler Repairs/Service/Valves $3,177.95

Geotek, Testing Services $1,000.00

Koch-Hazard Architects, Architect Services $4,296.92

Fund Total: $9,643.32


First National Bank, Audible Fee – Visa  $31.84

Avera St. Lukes, Client Services $392.00

Career Connections, Client Services $36.82

Dunn, Bev, Reimbursement – Special Education Supplies $54.08

Parent/Guardian, Parent/Guardian Mileage $632.10

Lifequest, Client Services $2,771.84

Palace Transit, Client Transportation Services $80.00

SD Department of Human Services, Client Services – Non-Federal Match $8,097.26

Fund Total: $12,095.94


Buhls Dry Cleaning, Laundry Service $12.50

Earthgrains Company, Food $196.36

Feistner, Sharie, Refund – Lunch Money $8.80

Koerner, Jen, Refund of Lunch Money – Family Moved $48.20

Variety Food, Food, Supplies, Dishwasher Rent $7,085.88

Woony Foods, Supplies $30.00

Fund Total: $7,381.74

Chris Selland gave the financial report.

Superintendent Weber presented the Board with the preliminary 2018-2019 school calendar and also presented the Board Members with the estimated work phase schedule for the elementary addition.

Superintendent Weber advised that the week of February 19th is School Board Appreciation Week and thanked the Board for their service.

We have hired a substitute aid for one of the elementary classes on a one-month trial basis and will evaluate this option after the trial period. Mr. Gross has also submitted his resignation effective the end of the 2017-2018 year. His contract is currently held with the Sanborn Central School, but both districts will be involved in procuring his replacement as the Woonsocket District is responsible for 25 percent of the salary and benefits for this position. The Board thanks Mr. Gross for his years of service as Vocational Agriculture Instructor and FFA Advisor serving both districts.

There were several small changes to the addition/remodel plans involving floor tile and outside lettering for the addition.

There is a grant program available that will scan yearbooks and post them online at no cost to the District and the library is pursuing this opportunity.

Superintendent Weber presented a potential plan for replacing the Elementary Principal position by separating those duties out between himself and two other current elementary teachers with stipends to be added to the teacher’s salaries only. The plan is proposed to save money in the general fund as the district is always looking to maximize efficiency. The Board will review the plan and further discussion will be held along with a possible meeting for public input.

Principal Paula Lynch advised that we have an estimated 22 students for kindergarten, 17 for four-year-old pre-school and 14 for three-year-old pre-school as of now for the 2018-2019 school year.

Motion was made by Neal Hiemstra, with a second by Jodi Doering, to approve technology purchases as follows: 40 HP touchscreen laptops, 30 HP Chromebooks, 14 Epson Brightlink projectors with installation, two Dell tower computers, five smartboards with mounting kits, one Canon digital camera and one optical zoom camera projector. Motion carried. These purchases totaling $107,167.00 were planned to help reduce the General Fund balance to comply with state imposed General Fund balance caps that are in place for the 2017-2018 year. Technology purchases are an allowable expense from the General Fund.

Motion was made by Jodi Doering, with a second by Lisa Snedeker, to approve the resignation of kindergarten teacher Judy Hinker effective the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Motion carried. The Board and staff would like to thank Mrs. Hinker for her 41 years of service to the students of the Woonsocket School District.

Paula Lynch and Judy Hinker Day will be held on May 4th, 2018, with special activities and a program planned.

Motion was made by Lisa Snedeker, with a second by Neal Hiemstra, to approve a contract payout in June of 2018 for Paula Lynch and Judy Hinker upon their retirement. Motion carried.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the February 13th, 2018, regular board meeting of the Woonsocket Board of Education was adjourned at 7:06 p.m. on a motion by Neal Hiemstra with a second by Jodi Doering. Motion carried.




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