Letcher Town Board proceedings

Mayor Mark Chada called the meeting to order with Angie Larson, Sean Gromer, and Angie Meier in attendance. J. Evans and E. Hoffman also attended the meeting. 

A motion was made by Larson, seconded by Gromer, carried, to approve the June 22nd, 2020, minutes as read.

A motion was made by Gromer, seconded by Larson, carried, to approve the financials as presented.

Old Business: 

Discussion was held on the water sample report. No issues were reported. Everything looked good. 

Discussion was held on the fire hydrants that are leaking in town.  Zack Scott Construction has been called and will be coming to look at the hydrants. 

Discussion was held on a culvert that is possibly plugged. The Board is going to have E. Hoffman look at it to see if it is plugged.

R. Herron discussed with the board a water question with his trailer house.  

A call has been made to Dawson Construction about starting the culvert replacement and gravel. As soon as it dries up enough, they will get started.  

Discussion was held on taking the tree down that has died between the Community Center and Jake’s Lounge. The Board is planning to take it down in the next month.  

M. Chada has contacted Pro-Contracting. They will be coming up as soon as they can to push up the tree pile.  

Discussion was held on protocol for the warning siren. It was discussed with J. Coenen and T. Fridley on when the warning siren should be set off.  

At the time of a tornado when  Letcher is put into a tornado warning and when a confirmed tornado is on the ground the warning siren will be set off.  

The warning siren will not be set off for a severe thunderstorm warning or if the tornado warning is for the eastern part of Sanborn County and not headed in our direction.  

The warning siren is for alerting residents when they are outside. It is not meant for those indoors. It is recommended that residents have a weather radio for inside. J. Coenen, T. Fridley, and J. Starzmann, are authorized to set the warning siren off.  

A recommendation was made that the town authorize three designees that have Kenwood radios that could set the warning siren off, if need be. 

A motion was made by Larson, seconded by Gromer, to purchase three new Kenwood radios.  

It will be discussed at the next board meeting on the designees. 

Board members talked with B. McGinnis from District III on the update with the ordinances. He said he plans to have them looked over by June 30.  

Discussion was held on updating the website for the town. The Board will look into the cost and who can update.  

New Business:

Discussion was held on past due accounts.  

Discussion was held on the lift station pump that went down. Dakota Pump was called due to the pump tripping out. The pump was changed out with the spare pump. The pump that was not working was taken to Dakota Pump in Mitchell. The motor on the pump was found to be bad. Parts were ordered and repairs were made. Also, the flow meter needed to be replaced on the pump, and that was done at this time. The Federal Emergency Management Agency money will be used towards fixing the pump.  

Clark Paving has been called about fixing the holes on the east side of Main Street. The board members are waiting for a call back.  

The Board received $2,157.00 on the West Nile Grant. They will be placing an order with VanDiest for West Nile chemical. Once they receive the bill, it will be turned into the state to be reimbursed.  

A request was made by the postmaster to please change the warning siren to go off at 1:00 p.m. instead of 12:00 p.m. due to health issues. Motion by Larson, seconded by Gromer, to move the noon whistle to 1:00 p.m. Motion carried. 

J. Evans had questions for the board regarding the alley by his back property and property setbacks.  

A motion was made by Larson, seconded by Gromer, carried to approve the following claims for payment: 

General AND WATER/SEWER: Michael Hoffman – $83.12 – Water Meter Reader Wages, Gary Moody – $221.64 – June Wages – Summer Help, Angela Larson – $656.24 – Wages Payroll – Custodian and Trustee Wages – Meetings, January – March, Public Health Lab – $15.00 – Water Sample, Paul Farmer – $200.00 – Ball Park Restrooms Repairs, Sanborn Weekly Journal – $43.67 – Renewal Paper, Santel Communications- $237.38 – Office Phone – $30.12, Office Internet – $80.50, Community Center Phone – $26.51, Community Center Internet – $55.00, Lift Station Phone – $45.25, IRS – $3,756.33 – Quarterly Taxes, Angie Meier – $319.71 – Wages Finance Officer, Ed Hoffman – $1,419.95 – Maintenance Wages and Trustee Wages – January-March, Doug’s Custom Paint and Body – $21.97 – Supplies Mower, NorthWestern Energy – $977.67 – Utilities Electricity – $15.00 – Lagoon, $61.62 – Water Plant, $472.96 – Street Lights, $219.25 – Lift Station, $13.29 – Water Valve, $23.95 – Rossy Park, $171.60 – Community Center, Mark Chada – $623.92 – Wages – Mayor (January-March Meetings).

The next board meeting will be held on July 20th, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center. 

Angie Meier

Finance Officer 

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