Woonsocket City Council proceedings

JANUARY 6, 2020 Minutes

The regular meeting of the Woonsocket City Council was called to order by Mayor Richard Reider at 7:00 p.m., Monday, January 6, 2020, with the following members present: Joel Rassel, Derek Foos, Garret Foos and Brandon Goergen. Darin Kilcoin and Arin Boschee were absent.

Motion by D. Foos, seconded by Rassel, to approve the agenda. Motion carried.

Motion by Rassel, seconded by D. Foos, to approve the December 3, 2019, minutes. Motion carried.

Motion by G. Foos, seconded by Goergen, to approve the Financial Report. Motion carried.

Motion by Rassel, seconded by D. Foos, to approve the following end of the year bills out of the 2019 budget appropriations; motion carried:

Waste Management $9,056.48 Two Months

TC Enterprises $361.95 Lift Station

Santel Communications $301.26 Phone

Public Health Laboratory $28.00 Water

Menards $34.81 Shop

McLeods $27.80 Shop

Macs $49.50 Shop

Michael Todd & Company $1,991.11 Streets

Local Lumber & Supply $34.57 Shop

Lawson Products $205.75 Shop

Larson & Nipe $50.00 Professional

Hawkins Water Treatment $50.00 Water

Honda of Mitchell $77.70 Streets

Farmers Alliance $849.75 Propane

Doug’s Custom Paint & Body $59.99 Streets

Sanborn Weekly Journal $471.43 Publish

Benders Sewer & Drain $490.00 Sewer

AmerPride $4.42 Shop

NorthWestern Energy $4,691.22 Utilities

Department of Revenue $165.48 Sales Tax

South Dakota Retirement Plan $955.20 Retirement

First National Bank $1,929.64 Payroll tax

Total: $22,086.06 

Motion by G. Foos, seconded by Rassel, to approve the following bills for January 2020; motion carried:

Planning District III $1,329.00  Membership

Department of Energy and Natural Resources $48.00 Certification

Department of Energy and Natural Resources $650.00 Discharge Permit

Feistner Gravel & Excavation $22,820.00 Dumpground

South Dakota Unemployment $11.73 Fourth Quarter

Woonsocket School $7,823.41 Library

South Dakota State Treasurer $212.24 Sales Tax

Total Expenditures: $32,894.38. 

The Council discussed the crushed concrete. The contractors were requesting some additional funds due to the amount of time they were on the job, but failed to show up for the time given on the agenda, so due to the lack of a motion request, it was denied. 

The Council discussed cars in town.


Council discussed the watertower. Richard will contact Magure Iron to have them come fix the mixer pump. 

Council discussed the Purple Heart Highway. Due to signage, it was suggested to have Sanborn County apply for this because, if the City of Woonsocket applied, the city would have to remove the DARE sign from the city’s sign to put up the new sign. Rassel will discuss this with the Sanborn County Commissioners.

Council members discussed a request by DAKPAK. Tabled.


The Council set the Christmas party for January 24th at Skeeters.

Weber announced the following vacancies were going to be open for election. Mayor, Councilmember Ward I (two years), Councilmember Ward II (two years) and Councilmember Ward III (two years). Earliest date to circulate a petition is January 31.

Other business that was discussed included the bathhouse, pool repairs, storm drain lift station and streets.

With no other business to be discussed, motion by D. Foos, seconded by Rassel, to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Richard Reider



Tara Weber

Finance Officer

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