Blackhawks compete in Freeman and Miller

The Blackhawks competed at the Freeman Meet on May 4. The results are as follows:

Boys – 10th place – 34 points

400M: fifth, Hayden Beigh, 57.41;

800M: eighth, Hayden Beigh 2:22.19;

1,600M: sixth, Carter Hitchcock, 5:15.3;

3,200M: seventh, Noah Terkildsen, 13:08.6;

400M Relay: fifth, 48.41 (Brady Larson, Clay Olinger, Camden Jost, Tryce Slykhuis);

1,600M Relay: eighth, 4:01.5 (Camden Jost, Carter Hitchcock, Hayden Beigh, Jeff Boschee);

3,200M Relay: second, 9:15.41 (Carter Hitchcock, Hayden Beigh, Clay Olinger, Jeff Boschee);

1,600M Medley Relay: sixth, 4:15.17 (Brady Larson, Camden Jost, Jeff Boschee, Carter Hitchcock);

Triple Jump: fourth, Cody Slykhuis 37-06; fifth, Jeff Boschee 36-07; seventh, Tryce Slykhuis 35-06;

Girls – seventh place – 51 points

200M: seventh, Bella Fry, 32.22; eighth, Kenzie Schley, 32.42;

400M: fourth, Kamryn Ochsner, 1:06.55; fifth, Elizabeth Boschee, 1:07.30;

1,600M: fourth, Hannah Terkildsen, 6:27.08;

300M hurdles: seventh, Trinity Boschee, 55.76;

400M Relay: sixth, 57.65 (Kenzie Schley, Kamryn Ochsner, Kennadie Ochsner, Trista White);

800M Relay: third, 1:59.57 (Aubrey Moody, Kamryn Ochsner, Kenna Ochsner, Elizabeth Boschee);

1,600M Relay: sixth, 4:44.06 (Trinity Boschee, Kamryn Ochsner, Kenna Ochsner, Elizabeth Boschee);

3,200M Relay: fourth, 12:40.30 (Hannah Terkildsen, Aubrey Senska, Acaiya Schulz, Kailynn Eggleston).

The Blackhawks track team then met in Miller on May 7, and produced the following results:

Boys – fifth place – 73 points

400M: third, Hayden Beigh, 56.2;

800M: fifth, Carter Hitchcock, 2:19.0;

3,200M: fourth, Noah Terkildsen, 13:03.8; fifth, Keaton Fridley, 13:28.1;

110M Hurdles: fifth, Cody Slykhuis, 19.2, sixth Michael Hoffman, 20.9, eighth, Noah Terkildsen, 22.1;

300M Hurdles: sixth, Tryce Slykhuis, 47.1; seventh, Cody Slykhuis, 48.5; eighth, Michael Hoffman, 48.9;

400M Relay: fifth, 48.1 (Brady Larson, Tyson Eddy, Camden Jost, Tryce Slykhuis);

800M Relay: fifth, 1:43.6 (Brady Larson, Tyson Eddy, Camden Jost, Tryce Slykhuis);

1,600M Relay: sixth, 3:50.6 School Record, (Carter Hitchcock, Hayden Beigh, Camden Jost, Jeff Boschee);

3,200M Relay: second, 9:14.1 (Carter Hitchcock, Hayden Beigh, Andrew Lindgren, Jeff Boschee);

1,600M Medley: fifth, 4:13.4 (Tryce Slykhuis, Brady Larson, Camden Jost, Jeff Boschee);

Discus: seventh, Toby Kneen, 108’7; 

High Jump: fourth, Jeff Boschee, 5-04; eighth, Tyson Eddy, 4-10;

Long Jump: seventh, Cody Slykhuis, 16’4.25;

Triple Jump: third, Cody Slykhuis, 36-6.75;

Girls – second place – 104 points

100M: fourth, Aubrey Moody, 13.9;

200M: fourth, Kamryn Ochsner, 28.7; sixth, Aubrey Moody, 29.0;

400M: first, Elizabeth Boschee, 1:05.3; third, Kamryn Ochsner, 1:06.1; sixth, Kennadie Ochsner, 1:09.2;

1,600M: third, Hannah Terkildsen, 6:28.4;

100M Hurdles: fifth, Aubrey Moody, 19.3;

300M Hurdles: third, Trinity Boschee, 53.7;

400M Relay: fifth, 57.1 (Kenzie Schley, Kennadie Ochsner, Aubrey Senska, Trista White);

800M Relay: second, 1:56.9 (Aubrey Moody, Kamryn Ochsner, Kennadie Ochsner, Elizabeth Boschee);

1,600M Relay: first, 4:28.2 (Kamryn Ochsner, Kennadie Ochsner, Trinity Boschee, Elizabeth Boschee);

3,200M Relay: fourth, 12:10.9 (Hannah Terkildsen, Kailynn Eggleston, Aubrey Senska, Acaiya Schulz);

1,600M Medley: seventh, 5:17.8 (Kenzie Schley, Trista White, Aubrey Senska, Kailynn Eggleston);

Shot put: eighth, Trista White, 29-10;

High Jump: fifth, Hannah Terkildsen, 4-04; seventh, Aubrey Senska, 4-04;

Long Jump: fourth, Trinity Boschee, 13-3.5;

Triple Jump: second, Trinity Boschee, 29-06; third, Elizabeth Boschee, 28-08.

Congratulations to the boys junior high track team on winning the 281 conference track meet and for the girls junior high on a third place finish. The results are as follows:

Girls results

100M hurdles – Aubrey Moody, second;  Tori Hoffman, seventh;

100M dash – Kamryn Ochsner, fifth; Aubrey Moody – sixth;

200M dash – Kamryn Ochsner, fourth; Kennadie Ochsner, eighth;

400M dash – Kamryn Ochsner, fourth; Liz Boschee, sixth;

800M run – Liz Boschee, fourth; Addy Baruth, eighth;

Long jump – Kenzie Schley, sixth; Kennadie Ochsner, eighth;

Triple jump – Liz Boschee, first;

High jump – Aubrey Senska, fourth; Kyla Terkildsen, fifth;

3,200M relay – Addy Baruth, Aubrey Senska, Emilie Lindgren, Kyla Terkildsen, fourth;

Medley relay – Kenzie Schley, Tori Hoffman, Kali Hofer, Aubrey Senska – sixth;

1,600M relay – Cami Edwards, Kali Hofer, Addy Baruth, Tori Hoffman – fourth;

400M relay – Avery Miller, Sam Grosz, Jalyn Grassel, Kali Hofer – seventh;

800M relay – Aubrey Moody, Kamryn Ochsner, Kennadie Ochsner, Liz Boschee – second;

Boys results

100M hurdles – Cody Slykhuis, first; Tyson Eddy, second; Grant Edwards, seventh;

300M hurdles – Cody Slykhuis, first; Evan Von Eye, fourth; Tyler Brueske, eighth;

200M dash – Tyson Eddy, third; Carter Hitchcock, sixth;

400M dash – Jeff Boschee, third; Carter Hitchcock, fourth;

800M run – Jeff Boschee, third; Carter Hitchcock, fifth;

1,600M run – Carter Christian, fourth;

Triple jump – Cody Slykhuis, first; Jeff Boschee, second; Evan Easton, fifth;

Shot – Alex Schleske, sixth; Caleb Kneen, seventh;

Discus – Caleb Kneen, eighth;

High jump – Jeff Boschee, first; Cody Slykhuis, fourth; Tyson Eddy, sixth;

3,200M relay – Carter Christian, Carter Hitchcock, Evan Voneye, Keaton Fridley – second;

Medley relay – Grant Edwards, Bryce Larson, Alex Schelske, Evan Easton – third;

1,600M relay – Keaton Fridley, Carter Christian, Payton Uecker, Evan Von Eye – third;

400M relay – Evan Easton, Caleb Kneen, Payton Uecker, Bryce Larson – third;

800M relay – Tyson Eddy, Evan Easton, Payton Uecker, Caleb Kneen – third.

…See pictures in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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