Woonsocket Elementary implements Pre-K round up

For the first time, next year’s Woonsocket four-year-old pre-schoolers signed up for class during the kindergarten round up. Every year, the kids who will be in kindergarten next year, sign up in the spring to start in the fall. This year, the Woonsocket school decided to have the four-year-old pre-schoolers sign up for fall classes, as well, and it turned out to be a good plan.

Pre-school teacher Mrs. Karen Jackson stated that one of the main reasons they made this change was to evaluate the pre-schoolers ahead of time and hopefully find areas of concern that students may need extra help in so they can try to start the extra help in the summer and be even more ready for school in the fall. Plus, even if they don’t start any extra help in the summer, the school can be better prepared with extra help to start right away in the fall. 

Jackson also commented that, with a spring round up for the following school year, they can have a better idea of the number of students who will be registered for pre-school, and they will know in advance if they will have enough kids necessary to split the numbers into two sections. She said the max number they try to stay at is 18 per class, so once the number goes over 18, they split the class into two sections.

According to Jackson, the round-up is also a chance for the students to meet her and get familiar with their classroom and the entire school environment. Prior to this year, the pre-school students would have to come and soak all that in on the first day, which can be a little overwhelming for them.

Several of the Woonsocket Elementary staff members helped with the round-up and evaluations, so the youngsters got to meet many of the teachers and paraprofessionals they will be working with next year, which will only make them more comfortable with their educational environment right from the start this fall.

…See a picture in this week’s issue of the Sanborn Weekly Journal!

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