Sanborn County Commissioners proceedings

MAY 10, 2022

Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 9:00 a.m., with Chairman Jeff Ebersdorfer presiding. Present were Steve Larson, Gary Blindauer, and Rod Weber. Paul Larson was absent. Auditor Kami Moody was also present. 

Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Weber, to approve the minutes from the April 12 Board of Equalization and Disaster Mitigation meeting, as presented. Motion carried. 

Motion by Weber, seconded by Blindauer, to approve the minutes from the April 19 meeting, as presented. Motion carried.


No public was in attendance for input. 


Stacy Mendenhall, Highway Superintendent and Sheri Kogel, Highway Secretary met with the board. 

AGREEMENT # 2022-10


This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the State of South Dakota, acting by and through its Department of Transportation, referred to in this Agreement as the “STATE,” and SANBORN County, South Dakota, referred to in this Agreement as the “COUNTY.”


1. The STATE has allocated Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) to a state-wide county highway striping project, designated as project number P 000S(00)232, PCN 07Dn, and referred to in this Agreement as the “PROJECT.” STATE funds will pay sixty percent (60 percent) of the PROJECT costs, up to a maximum amount of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000). Counties participating in the PROJECT will pay the remainder of the PROJECT costs with county funds; and

2. The COUNTY wants to participate in the PROJECT for the striping of approximately 25.00 miles of COUNTY roads at an estimated cost shown on the attached Schedule A.


A. The STATE will perform the following activities: 

1. The STATE will prepare plans, advertise the PROJECT for bids, award a contract to the lowest responsible bidder, and administer construction of the PROJECT. 

2. The STATE will bill the COUNTY for the COUNTY’S forty percent (40 percent) share of the program limit, together with one hundred percent (100 percent) of any amount over the program limit, as set out in the estimate in the attached Schedule A. 

B. The COUNTY will perform the following activities: 

1. The COUNTY will sweep roadways to be striped in advance of the contractor’s operations. 

2. The COUNTY will provide the PROJECT inspection. 

3. The COUNTY will insure that the beginning and ending of each no passing zone is marked, in a manner clearly visible from the driving lane, with a “NO PASSING ZONE” sign (W14-3), a “DO NOT PASS” sign (R4-1), a “PASS WITH CARE” sign (R4-2), or a 9’ steel channel post driven 3.5’ to 4’ near the right-of-way line with the top 2’ painted yellow. If any no passing zone needs to be established or re-established, the COUNTY will do so at the COUNTY’S own expense.

4. The COUNTY will pay actual PROJECT costs upon receipt of billing from the STATE, based on the COUNTY’S forty percent (40 percent) share of the program limit, together with one hundred percent (100 percent) of any amount over the program limit, as set out in the estimate in the attached Schedule A. 

C. General Conditions: 

1. Costs associated with the PROJECT are preliminary engineering, construction engineering, and construction costs. 

2. This Agreement may not be amended, except in writing, which writing will be expressly identified as a part of this Agreement and will be signed by an authorized representative of each of the parties. 

3. The STATE may terminate this Agreement on thirty (30) days’ written notice. If the COUNTY breaches any term or condition of this Agreement, the STATE may terminate this Agreement at any time with or without notice. 

4. This Agreement depends upon the continued availability of appropriated funds and expenditure authority from the Legislature for this purpose. If for any reason the Legislature does not appropriate funds or grant expenditure authority, or funds become unavailable by operation of law or federal funds reductions, the STATE may terminate this Agreement. Termination for any of these reasons is not a default by the STATE nor does it give rise to a claim against the STATE. 

5. This Agreement is binding upon the signatories not as individuals but solely in their capacities as officials of their respective organizations and acknowledges proper action of the STATE and the COUNTY to enter into this Agreement. 

6. The COUNTY has designated its County Commission Chairperson as the COUNTY’S authorized representative and has empowered its County Commission Chairperson with the authority to sign this Agreement on behalf of the COUNTY. A copy of the COUNTY’S Commission minutes or resolution authorizing the execution of this Agreement by the County Commission Chairperson is attached to this Agreement as Exhibit M. The STATE and the COUNTY signify their agreement by signatures affixed below.             

Sanborn County,

South Dakota

By: /s/ Jeff 


Printed Name: 

Jeff Ebersdorfer

County Commission 



By: /s/ Kami Moody

Printed Name: Kami Moody

County Auditor

[County Seal]                                                     


Audra Scheel, 4-H Extension Office, was present to give her yearly update. 4-H enrollment numbers continue to be on the rise. 


Motion by Weber, seconded by S. Larson, to approve the following resolution 2022-9 for Jeannie Fouberg:

Whereas, it appears that the owner thereof has caused a plat to be made of the following real property: LOTS 1 AND 2 OF FOUBERG’S 2ND. ADDITION, IN THE E1/2 OF THE N1/2 OF THE N1/2 OF THE NE1/4 OF SECTION 26, T107N, R61W OF THE 5TH. P.M., SANBORN COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, and has submitted such plat to the County Commission of Sanborn County, South Dakota for Approval. Now therefore be it resolved that such plat has been executed according to the law and same is hereby approved. The County Auditor is hereby authorized and directed to endorse on such plat a copy of this resolution and certify the same. 

I, Kami Moody, County Auditor of Sanborn County, South Dakota, do hereby certify that the within and foregoing is a true copy of the resolution passed by the board of County Commissioners of Sanborn County, South Dakota, on this 10th day of May, 2022.

Roll Call Vote for approval of Resolution 2022-9 is as follows: Ebersdorfer, aye; S. Larson, aye; Blindauer, aye; Weber, aye.


Leon Fredrichs and Mark Snedeker were present to discuss the property that Fredrichs has proposed to vacate a county drain. The drainage ditch that is being proposed to vacate is in Sections 29 and 32 in Silver Creek Township. 


Emergency Manager, Josh Starzman was present. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Weber to lift the current burn ban at this time. Controlled burns still need to be reported to dispatch before the burn is started.  Motion carried. 

Drainage Board Minutes from May 4 were reviewed, discussed, and approved.

Planning and Zoning Board Minutes from May 2 were reviewed, discussed, and approved. 

Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to move to executive session at 10:10 a.m., for personnel matters. Chairman Ebersdorfer declared to end executive session at 10:17 a.m.


Auditor and Treasurer in all accounts $5,811,488.30

Register of Deeds $4,418.50

Motion by Weber, seconded by Blindauer, to pay the following bills; motion carried:

April Payroll Before Deductions:

Commissioners $5,184.90

Auditor $7,497.08

Treasurer $6,636.25

States Attorney $6,678.23

Courthouse $3,779.53

Assessor $9,713.37

Register of Deeds $8,182.39

Sheriff $16,173.10

Public Welfare $1,459.70

Nurse $3,504.64

Ambulance $1,396.57

WIC $115.89

Extension Office $1,825.79

Weed $3,810.66

Drainage $258.36

Planning and Zoning $258.36

Road and Bridge $33,729.58

E-911 $89.17

Emergency Management $752.57

Sobriety Testing $89.21

Division of Child Support, Employee Child Support $283.37 

First National Bank, Insurance  $2,200.65 

BEAM, Vision Insurance $14.69 

EMC National Life Company, Ambulance – No Run Insurance $25.52 

First National Bank of Omaha, Supplies $1,361.65 

Sanborn County Treasurer, Taxes in Trust $5,307.01 

South Dakota Association of County Commissioners, CLERP – First Quarter $219.00 

Tyler Technologies INC., Printer $77.18 

Weber Backhoe & Trenching, Repairs $510.20 

A-OX Welding, Supplies $43.52 

ARAMARK, Supplies $124.57 

AT&T Mobility, Utilities $272.14 

Avera Queen of Peace, Employee Drug Test $99.00 

Beadle County Sheriff, Jail Fees – J. McGuire, B. Miller, A. Williams, S. Yockey $2,610.00 

Butler Equipment Co., Supplies $1,959.24 

South Dakota Association of County Commissioner, Dues $407.00 

Central Electric Co-op, Utilities $340.18

Daily Law, Court Appointed Fees/ D. White $3,068.56 

Dawson Construction Inc., Garbage $252.96

State of South Dakota, Blood Alcohol Test – J. Schulte/J. Amick $80.00 

South Dakota Department of Public Safety, E-911 Surcharge $2,200.53 

Dick’s Body Shop, Alignment 2020 Chevy Tahoe $80.00 

ES&S, Supplies $350.00 

Express 2, Fuel $48.86 

Penny Farris, Meal/Travel $74.10

Marla Feistner, Supplies $157.46 

First National Bank of Omaha, Supplies $1,078.35

Governors Inn, Spring Workshop $306.00

GrowMark Inc., Supplies $1,279.30 

Hillyard/Sioux Falls, Supplies $290.26

Liz Hoffman, Meal/Travel $14.00 

KO’S Pro Service, Repairs $84.11

Lifequest, Quarterly Support $2,000.00

Mcleods Printing & Supply, Supplies $323.14

Menards, Supplies $29.99 

Miner County Auditor, E-911 Services April 2022 – June 2022 $6,637.50 

Mitchell Ambulance Service, ALS Intercept Fee $300.00 

Office Peeps, Supplies $300.89 

Physicians Claims Company, Ambulance Service Fee March 2022 $315.05 

Pomp’s Tire Service INC., Supplies $5,586.32 

Runnings Supply Company, Supplies $462.06 

Safe Place of Eastern South Dakota, Quarterly Remittance $1,175.08 

Audra Scheel, Travel Expense $148.70

South Dakota Trappers Association, 4-H Building Rent $100.00 

South Dakota Office Attorney General, Supplies $14.00 

Sanborn Weekly Journal, Renewal $44.20 

Tech Solutions, Tech Support $3,213.00 

Naomi Terkildsen, Travel/Meal $356.13 

Verizon, Utilities $80.02 

Ron J. Volesky, Court Appointed Attorney Fees – T. Songer/A. Williams $2,465.75 

Waste Management, Utilities  $216.52 

Woony Foods, Supplies $4.39 

Xcel Energy, Utilities $194.46 

There being no further business before the board, motion by Weber, seconded by S. Larson, to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. The next regular scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Kami Moody

Sanborn County Auditor

Jeff Ebersdorfer

Chairman of the Board, 

Sanborn County

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