Sanborn County Commissioners proceedings

FEBRUARY 21, 2023

Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, February 21, at 9:00 a.m. with Chairman Jeff Ebersdorfer presiding. Present were Steve Larson, Gary Blindauer, and Duane Peterson; Paul Larson was absent. Auditor Kami Moody was also present. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Peterson, to approve the minutes from the February 7 meeting, as presented. Motion carried.  


No public was in attendance for input.


Present were Rod Weber and Paula Linke, via phone; Both are members of the building committee. The following bids were opened and read:

Darin Schmiedt and Danny Ball – $528,078.59;

Midwest Concrete & Excavating LLC – 620,000.00.

Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Peterson, to reject both bids, due to lack of funds. Motion carried. 


There was follow-up discussion on the Daycare Building regarding the taxes due for 2023. Lisa Snedeker was present for further discussion. 


Stacy Mendenhall, Highway Superintendent and Sheri Kogel, Highway Administrative Assistant, met with the board. Snow blower parts are here, and guys are working on repair, while also getting ready for the next round of snow to come in. Mendenhall informed the board that the interview went well with Cole Johnson, and today was his first day. Johnson will need to obtain his CDL through the class program to comply with the new CDL regulations. 


Drainage Board minutes from January 11 were reviewed, discussed, and approved.  

Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to donate the light bar, that had previously been deemed as surplus, to the Artesian Fire Department for their new water truck. Motion carried. 


Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Peterson to pay the following bills; motion carried:

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Insurance $26,623.48

AFLAC, Insurance $1,206.70

AFLAC, Insurance $309.92

South Dakota Retirement System, Retirement $9,104.16

Delta Dental, Insurance $999.90

Small Business, Insurance $51.00

Sanborn County Treasurer, Taxes in Trust $196.69

BEAM, Insurance $268.35

Cincinnati Insurance Co., Insurance $512.81

EMC National Life Company, Insurance $388.04

Colonial Life, Insurance $126.30

First National Bank, Tax Liability $16,822.14

First National Bank of Omaha, Direct Deposit Fee $27.56

Division of Child Support, Employee Child Support $283.50

Accounts Management, Employee Garnishment $43.50

Towns, Townships, Schools, Cities, Monthly Remittance $290,962.38

A-OX Welding, Supplies $224.32

Amazon Business Capital Service, Supplies $91.59

AT&T Mobility, Utilities $59.50

Certified Languages, Interpreter $23.10

Churchill, Manolis, Freeman, Court Appointed Fees – L.K. and T.K. $231.20

City of Woonsocket, Utilities $156.50

Commercial Asphalt, Supplies $34.50

Davison County Sheriff, Jail Fees – J. Weissman $300.00

Dawson Construction Inc., Garbage $261.96

Farmers Elevator Co., Fuel $52.46

First National Bank of Omaha, Supplies $1,065.15

Horizon Health Care, Employee $196.00

KO’S Pro Service, Repairs $221.49

Mack Metal Sales Inc., Supplies $1,120.26

Laurie Marcus RN, Blood Draw – C. Alvarez $80.00

Mcleods Printing & Supply, Supplies $629.70

NorthWestern Energy, Utilities $3,261.15

Office Peeps, Supplies $717.95

Premier Equipment, Equipment $1,768.60

Santel Communications, Utilities $298.43

Sanborn Weekly Journal, Publishing $162.94

Travis Coulthard, Repairs $56.18

TranSource Truck & Equipment, Supplies $88.38

Waste Management, Utilities $96.20

Marty Wingert, CPR Helper $60.00

There being no further business before the board, motion by S. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to adjourn the meeting at 10:51 a.m. Motion carried. 

The next regular scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.                                                                                                                                          

Kami Moody

Sanborn County Auditor

Jeff Ebersdorfer

Chairman of the Board, 

Sanborn County         

Published once on March 9, 2023, at the total approximate cost of $51.50 and may be viewed free of charge at

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