Sanborn County Commissioners proceedings

MARCH 19, 2013

The Sanborn County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. with Chairman Ebersdorfer presiding. Other members present were Blindauer, Ohlrogge and S. Larson. Also present was Auditor Larson. Absent was P. Larson. Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.
Sue Dise met with the board to give updates on the street work in Forestburg.
Lee Goergen, Highway Superintendent/Weed Supervisor, presented the resignation of Bill Hoffman, blade operator effective April 5th. The board regretfully accepts the resignation of Bill and thanks him for his many years of dedicated service. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by S. Larson, to advertise for a maintenance worker for the highway department. Motion carried. Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Ohlrogge, to raise the salary of Stacy Mendenhall to $12.00 per hour effective March 18. He has completed his three month probation period. Motion carried.
Myrna Peterson, Transit Director and Driver, submitted her resignation effective June 30th. The board regretfully accepts her resignation and thanks her for her many years of dedicated service. Jessica Pickett from Palace Transit and Ken Tracy, Mayor of Mitchell, met with the board to discuss the future of the bus.
Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to raise the amount paid to the ambulance personnel from $40.00 to $45.00 per run starting April 1st. Motion carried. Jim VanDenHemel, Ambulance Association President, met with the board concerning the chest compression system. The ambulance has raised a large portion of the amount of money agreed upon at the November 12, 2012 meeting. The quote came in lower than expected but will expire shortly. Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Blindauer, to pay for the chest compression system for the ambulance according to the previous agreement. Motion carried.
Motion by S. Larson, seconded by Ohlrogge, to deny payment to Avera Queen of Peace Hospital for indigent #13-1 and #13-2. Neither bill was an emergency, therefore, the county is not responsible for these bills. Motion carried.
Motion by Blindauer, seconded by Ohlrogge, to pay the following bills. Motion carried.
Division of Child Support, Wage Garnish $240.00
Accounts Management, Wage Garnish $227.32
First National Bank SD, Tax Liability $1,897.72
State Treasurer, Monthly Remittance $40,694.77
SDACO, Mod & Preservation $96.00
Towns, Townships, Schools, T&C, JR Water, Monthly Disbursement $75,482.77
Ameripride Services, Mats, Mops, Towels $121.60
AT&T, Cell Phone $178.43
Beadle County Treasurer, Veteran Service Officer $1,875.00
Central Electric Co-op, Electricity $254.12
Darin’s Market, Supplies $62.31
Department of Motor Vehicles, Title $5.00
Express 2, Fuel $184.48
First National Bank Omaha, Supplies $243.06
Lee Goergen, Travel Expenses $123.36
Total Funds By Hasler, Postage $1,000.00
Keith Ohlrogge, Oil Change $40.25
Laurie Marcus, RN, Blood Alcohol Test $70.00
Med-Tech Resource, Inc., Supplies $55.47
NorthWestern Energy, Electricity $155.73
Physicians Claim Co., Fees $360.32
ROCS Transit, Dues $25.00
SD Federal Property Agency, Radar Set $100.00
Travis Coulthard, Bulbs $106.16
Verizon Wireless, Cell Phone $166.61
Wheelers Business Products, Supplies $351.95
Kathy Wingert, EMT Course $165.00
Xcel Energy, Electricity $347.55
There being no further business, motion by Blindauer, seconded by S. Larson, to adjourn the meeting. The next regularly scheduled meeting is Tuesday, April 2, 2013.
Diane Larson
Sanborn County

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