Sanborn Central Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes of School Board Meeting

The School Board of Sanborn Central School District 55-5 met in regular session on Monday, August 9, 2021, at 7:02 p.m. in the Sanborn Central middle school computer lab with the following present: Curtis Adams, Clayton Dean, Justin Enfield, Emma Klaas, and Gary Spelbring. Others present were Superintendent Justin Siemsen, Elementary/Middle School Principal Connie Vermeulen and Business Manager Gayle Bechen.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Visitors to Board Meeting: David Steele – Return to school plan.

Motion by Enfield, seconded by Spelbring, all ayes, to approve the agenda as printed. 

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Adams, all aye, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting on July 12, 2021, as printed. 

Motion by Adams, seconded by Klaas, all ayes, to approve the Financial Statement and bills.    

General Fund balance, July 1, 2021: $784,146.55. Receipts: taxes $5,728.53; penalties/interest $39.75; interest $65.64; other $152.38; state fines $1,141.66; state aid $65,583.00; yearbook $40.00; ESSER 1 $34,207.00; Gross receipts – electricity $36,494.39; manual journal entry/voided check $150.00. Expenditures: $176,384.29.  Balance, July 31, 2021: $751,364.61. CorTrust Savings balance, July 1, 2021: $50,471.52. Receipts: interest $0.00. Expenditures: $0.00. Balance, July 31, 2021: $50,471.52. 

Capital Outlay Fund balance, July 1, 2021: $756,950.34. Receipts: taxes $361.18, penalties/interest $1.68, interest $63.95.  Expenditures: $28,841.50. Balance, July 31, 2021: $728,535.65. CD $50,000.00.

Special Education Fund balance, July 1, 2021: $450,199.65. Receipts: taxes $1,085.39; penalties/interest $5.04; interest $37.03. Expenditures: $15,006.65. Balance, July 31, 2021: $436,320.46. 

Food Service Fund balance, July 1, 2021: $31,129.58. Receipts: interest $1.68, adult meals $0.00, ala carte $0.00, certification $0.00, federal reimbursement $0.00, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program reimbursement $0.00. Expenditures: $5,345.41. Balance, July 31, 2021: $25,785.85.

Enterprise Fund balance, July 1, 2021: $10,007.49. Receipts: interest $0.00, preschool tuition $50.00. Expenditures: $3,965.27. Balance, July 31, 2021: $6,092.22.

Trust and Agency Funds balance, July 1, 2021: $65,006.56. Receipts: $4,531.34. Expenditures: $1,581.60. Balance, July 31, 2021: $67,956.30.

Scholarship Fund balance, July 1, 2021: $10,220.68. Receipts: interest $0.35. Expenditures: $1,500.00. Balance, July 31, 2021: $8,721.03. Peters Scholarship balance: $8,721.03; Nelson Scholarship balance: $0.00.

Salaries and benefits for the month of August, 2021 were as follows:

General Fund: $131,553.84; 

Special Education: $14,385.10; 

Food Service: $5,380.09; 

Enterprise Fund: $3,965.32.

Claims approved: GENERAL FUND – A-Ox Welding, cylinder rent $34.45; Arrowwood Resort, superintendent conference room $232.90; Auto Glass Express, bus windshield $406.53; Automatic Building Controls, annual monitor contract fire alarm $240.00; Capital One, business office supply $59.74; CarQuest, bus supply $387.92; Central Electric, July electricity $2,482.57; Clayton’s Repair, bus repairs $235.50, vehicle repair $354.43; Demco, library supply $181.93; Susan Farrell-Poncelet, reimburse paint $39.39, cameras $278.96; Harlow’s Bus Sales, bus mirror $218.13; Hauff Mid-America Sports, football supplies $691.19; Horizon Health Care, two bus driver physicals $440.00; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, colony workbooks $373.93;

[IMPREST: CorTrust, Franklin planner $43.84; Super Teacher Worksheets, elementary membership $24.95];

Innovative Office Solutions, middle school supply $108.72; Chayna Jones, reimburse fingerprints $43.25; Mid-Dakota Technologies, July tech support $160.00; Midwest Fire & Safety, annual maintenance/recertification testing $150.00, semi annual kitchen maintenance $99.50, six-year internal main testing $157.00, supplies $583.00; National Association Secondary School Principals, national honor society pins/cards $195.00; Pomp’s Tire Service, four bus tires $1,202.10; Premier Equipment, bus supply $254.58, lawn mower clutch $186.25; Public Health Laboratory, water test $15.00; Jill Reimer, elementary supply $11.06; Renaissance Learning, accelerated reader $10,814.86, remote sessions $1,170.14; Sanborn Weekly Journal, board proceedings $180.09, proposed budget $141.75, back to school ad $70.88; Santel Communications, phone $203.29; School Mate, middle school supplies $181.50; School Specialty, elementary supply $158.13; South Dakota Association of School Business Officials, business manager registration $75.00; SD United School Association, 2021-22 dues $450.00; Taylor Music, band supplies $132.75; Teacher Innovations, planbook software $229.50; Teacher Synergy, middle school health curriculum $375.27; Training Room, football field paint $1,082.90, athletic tape $554.05; USI Education/Government sales, laminating film $181.64; Wards Natural Science, high school science supply $823.05; Williams Musical & Office, instrument repairs $1,338.40.  

CAPITAL OUTLAY Fund — A&B Business, copier lease $932.03; Apple Inc., 40 ipads $15,118.00; Apptegy, admission software $3,490.00; CorTrust, high school science textbooks $435.80; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, environmental science textbook $2,105.85, Wiley education online $400.00; Innovative Office Solutions, middle school chair $170.27, Lakeshore, Kindergarten chairs/table $4,509.74; McGraw Hill LLC, colony textbooks $977.27, middle school textbooks $7,432.35, high school textbooks $7,432.35; Riverside Technologies, 30 chromebook covers $630.00, colony laptop $599.00, middle school laptop $599.00, high school laptop $599.00; School Specialty, elementary furniture $1,036.86.

SPECIAL EDUCATION Fund – Mileage $30.24; Lakeshore, sped table $629.44; NCS Pearson, speech supply $57.50; Mileage $58.80; Mileage $42.00; Pro Ed, speech supply $51.50; School Specialty, sped chairs $248.84; Sonova USA, special education equipment $2,526.99. 

FOOD SERVICE Fund – Arctic Refrigeration, outside freezer $279.00; Capital One, kitchen supply $570.56.

ENTERPRISE Fund – Teacher Innovations, planbook $13.50.

Mr. Siemsen reported on the following: 

• The first in-service of the 2021/2022 school year was held Monday, August 9th. Dr. John Tufte was brought in to offer thoughts and insight based on his book. 

• Most of the new flooring has been completed in the office, band room, and elementary bathroom.  The remaining items will be completed ASAP.

Mrs. Vermeulen reported: There are 11-15 newly enrolled students expected. The projected enrollment will be 186 at the PreK-12 building. The Board will get actual numbers when school officially resumes.

Open Discussion:

Return to Learning Plan and use of ARP ESSER Funds Plan – The board held a discussion with an interested patron regarding the proposed Return to Learning plan developed by the district.  Some concerns raised centered on the current state of the new variant strain of COVID and how not including a mandatory mask mandate could put the staff and students at risk.  Also of concern was the district’s stance regarding remote learning (this option is not available for students at the beginning of the year UNLESS they are required to be in quarantine).  The plan includes phases that the district can enter into at a given time in response to the landscape in which the community may be in at a given time.  While starting out in what is considered to be a “normal” fashion (masks being optional), this could change.  Also, within the second phase (BLUE), remote learning becomes an option for anyone, should they elect that option. The staff remains committed to continuing its promotion of proper hygiene and habits. It is the hope of the Sanborn Central Board of Education and Administration that this plan and all the strategies implemented will contribute to a healthy year.  

Also discussed was the use of ARP Funds that have been allocated to the district by the federal government. The district has been allocated $437,460 for ESSER III, 20 percent or which must be used to address losses in education. The district has also been allocated $194,785 for ESSER II. The plan that will be submitted for review and approval by the South Dakota Department of Education contains the following: ESSER II – new lunch tables (already have), Summer School (this summer and future summers) new water fill stations to replace the drinking fountains, new security door system. ESSER III – “Better Lesson” teaching coach, full time counselor, HVAC system, building roof (the HVAC and roof may cost more than has been allocated, at which the district would use capital outlay funds to supplement).

Old Business: None. 

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the hiring of Harlee Claymore and Brooke Easton as paraprofessionals at a rate of $13.45 per hour for the 2021-2022 school year.

Motion by Adams, seconded by Spelbring, all ayes, to approve the Return to Learning Plan, emphasizing clarification of options regarding remote learning being an option if the district would move into phase II.

Motion by Enfield, seconded by Spelbring, all ayes, to approve the district’s plan of ARP Funding allocations, according to South Dakota Department of Education stipulations.

The next regular board meeting will be held on Monday, September 13, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. at the Sanborn Central School in the middle school computer lab.  

Motion by Adams, seconded by Klaas, all ayes, to adjourn the meeting at 8:37 p.m.

Gayle Bechen

Business Manager

Clayton Dean

Board Chair

Published once at the total approximate cost of $98.50.


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