Sanborn Central Board proceedings

Unapproved Minutes of School Board Meeting

The School Board of Sanborn Central School District 55-5 met in regular session on Monday, October 11, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanborn Central middle school computer lab with the following present: Clayton Dean, Justin Enfield, Emma Klaas, and Gary Spelbring. Others present were Superintendent Justin Siemsen, Elementary/Middle School Principal Connie Vermeulen and Business Manager Gayle Bechen. Curtis Adams arrived at 7:13 p.m.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Visitors to Board Meeting: None.

Motion by Enfield, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the agenda as printed. 

Motion by Enfield, seconded by Klaas, all aye, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting September 13, 2021, as printed. 

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the Financial Statement and bills.    

General Fund balance, September 1, 2021: $678,577.50. Receipts: taxes $2,731.97; penalties/interest $79.50; interest $46.44; other – pupil $15.90; other $92.34; state fines $1,154.19; admission $3,646.00; donation $1,398.26; Medicaid $1,396.02; due from goverment title I $13,813.00; due from government reap $5,334.00; voided check $19,713.24.  Expenditures: $209,063.48. Balance, September 30, 2021: $518,934.88. CorTrust Savings balance, September 1, 2021: $50,471.52. Receipts: interest $12.72. Expenditures: $0.00.  Balance, September 30, 2021: $50,484.24. 

Capital Outlay Fund balance, September 1, 2021: $682,131.52. Receipts: taxes $215.72, penalties/interest $15.49, interest $56.29. Expenditures: $55,286.54. Balance, September 30, 2021: $627,132.48. CD $50,000.00.

Special Education Fund balance, September 1, 2021: $417,947.56. Receipts: taxes $561.76; penalties/interest $2.55; interest $36.59; Medicaid $116.00; due from government IDEA 611  $10,524.00; due from government IDEA 619 $531.00; voided check $4,496.81. Expenditures: $23,716.55. Balance, September 30, 2021: $410,499.72. 

Food Service Fund balance, September 1, 2021: $25,755.88. Receipts: interest $1.40; adult meals $493.75; ala carte $2,172.60; federal reimbursement $8,754.35; Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program reimbursement $0.00; miscellaneous revenue $890.23; voided check $2,574.60. Expenditures: $21,459.43. Balance, September 30, 2021: $19,183.38.

Enterprise Fund balance, September 1, 2021: $3,713.40. Receipts: interest $0.00, preschool tuition $3,350.00; voided check $1.92. Expenditures: $4,619.45. Balance, September 30, 2021: $2,445.87.

Custodial Funds balance, September 1, 2021: $62,999.98. Receipts: $5,664.83. Expenditures: $6,102.53. Balance, September 30, 2021: $62,562.28.

Scholarship Fund balance, September 1, 2021: $8,721.38. Receipts: interest $0.35. Expenditures: $0.00. Balance, September 30, 2021: $8,721.73. Peters Scholarship balance: $8,721.73; Nelson Scholarship balance: $0.00.

Salaries and benefits for the month of October, 2021 were as follows:

General Fund: $152,333.88; 

Special Education: $18,921.75; 

Food Service: $8,658.50;

Enterprise Fund: $4,061.85.

Claims approved: GENERAL FUND – A&B Business Solutions, copy cost overage $261.30; A-Ox Welding, cylinder rent $35.40; Arrowwood Resort, Bechen conference room $101.95; Automatic Building Controls, annual check of fire alarm system $424.00, batteries/horn strobe $171.00; Gayle Bechen, remote battery $4.37; BetterLesson Inc., professional development $73,500.00; Brooks Oil Co., unleaded gas $3,112.94; Central Electric, September electric $2,377.95; Chesterman Co., pop $210.69; Churchill, Manolis, Freeman, Kludt, Shelton & Burns LLP, National Education Law Meeting $150.00; Cole Paper Inc., janitor supply $2,455.03; Combined Building Specialties, two bathroom partitions $15,323.00; CorTrust, all state chorus music $22.66; Dial Corporation, 2021-22 membership $100.00; Direct Digital Control, offices hvac service $880.50, filters $1,176.00; Farmers Elevator, #2 diesel $2,227.86; Follett School Solutions, middle school novels $228.50; Goodwill of the Great Plains, shred services $42.75; Hillyard, janitor supply $664.80; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, elementary workbooks $84.31; 

[IMPREST: Lynne Calmus, volleyball referee/mile $115.20; CorTrust, face masks $93.17; Council on College Admission in South Dakota, registration $55.00, dues $5.00; Candi Danek, two football clock $60.00; Rich Danek, two football clock $60.00; Greg Fjerestad, football referee $125.00; Peyton Garrow, football referee $125.00; Matt Henriksen, football chain $30.00; Troy Hensen, football referee $125.00; Carrie Howard, junior varsity volleyball clock $15.00, two varsity volleyball clock $60.00; Sarah Jensen, two volleyball book $60.00; Herbie Koerner, football referee/mileage $207.32; Charley Larson, two junior high football referee $60.00, junior varsity football referee $40.00; Northern State University, all state chorus workshop $72.00; Tom Penisten, football referee/mileage $207.32; Mike Ruth, volleyball referee/mileage $113.10; Dave Schiefen, football referee $125.00; Ty Soulek, football referee $125.00; Jeremy Uecker, two football chain $60.00; Nathan Walter, football referee $125.00; Seth Walter, football referee $125.00; Doug Weber, football referee $125.00; Kristen Williams, two volleyball referee $180.00; Josh Wilson, football chain $30.00; Wolsey-Wessington, volleyball tourney $85.00];

K&D Busing, half of bus lease $1,299.70; Kormanagement Services, drug testing $199.10; Liminex, GoGuardian software $1,552.50; Local Lumber & Supply, Gaga pit supply $252.49; Menards, elementary supply $30.18, middle school supply $30.18, high school supply $30.19, janitor supply $31.69; Mid-Dakota Technologies, September tech support $160.00; Petty Cash, stamps $21.60; Popplers Music, band lesson books $391.31; Premier Equipment, bus fuel filter $142.52; Public Health Laboratory, water test $15.00; Quill Supply, elementary supply $18.72, business manager supply $5.69, high school principal supply $22.44, elementary/middle school principal supply $22.44, middle school ink $442.04; Reinhart Foodservice, janitor supply $82.44; Sanborn Weekly Journal, board proceedings $104.34, bid request $157.50; Santel Communications, phone $218.68; South Dakota Association of Elementary School Principals Area 4, membership $75.00; Tessiers, gym air conditioning service $639.97; John Tufte, half of day consultation/mileage $3,133.14; Connie Vermeulen, reimburse meals $42.07.  

CAPITAL OUTLAY Fund — A&B Business, copier lease $970.03; BrainPop, software license $350.00; Mackin Educational Resources, library books $445.65; Savvas Learning Co., elementary literature series $11,243.50, colony literature series $11,243.50; Starfall Education, membership $270.00.

SPECIAL EDUCATION Fund – mileage $46.20; Quill, speech ink $42.14. 

FOOD SERVICE Fund – Arctic Refrigeration, freezer repair $145.26; Bimbo Bakeries, bread $90.21; Capital One, supply $101.86, food $129.63; Child/Adult Nutrition Services, processed food $389.86; Cole Papers, supply $492.60; Darrington Water Conditioning, September SS tank $24.00; East Side Jersey Dairy, milk $820.49;

[IMPREST FUND: Capital One, food $46.32; Cortrust, worktable $350.02];

Quill, supply ink $60.74, forks $617.26; Reinhart, food $8,361.27, supply $620.90, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program $1,297.41; Woony Foods, food $11.13.

ENTERPRISE Fund – Amanda Radke, reimburse preschool tuition $50.00.

Mr. Siemsen reported on the following:

• Nov. 15 is the scheduled date for this year’s school audit.

• The school held their first session as a group (in-service) with the Better Lesson group on Friday, October 8. This was conducted once extra help day was completed.

• A meeting was held with the bus drivers to refocus the school’s initiatives. 

• Central Electric came out to assess the football field lights. 

• RFP for the roof is being advertised. 

• Second motor on the boiler needs to be rewired. It runs on one motor with the second as a backup.

• End of first quarter is on October 15.  

Mrs. Vermeulen reported:

• Starting 2022-2023 school year, all Title I Schoolwide programs must have completed a Comprehensive Needs Assessment. A Sanborn Central Team consisting of Principal Vermeulen, Susan Farrell-Poncelet, Jennifer Larson, and Chayna Jones have started the process. They have attended two work sessions in Huron thus far. They will be traveling to Huron for three more sessions. Surveys have been distributed to students and staff. Parents will also be surveyed. Teachers will be observed by a DOE representative, not for evaluation. Administration and a teacher team will be interviewed by a DOE representative. The end goal is to determine an area to improve.

• There’s no school on Monday, October 18.

• End of the first quarter is October 15.

• Miss Farrell-Poncelet has invited middle school students to participate in Oral Interp this year.  Two seventh grade and four eighth grade students have chosen to do so. Their competitive meets start this month.

• The homecoming parade was a success. It was a beautiful day.

• The Children’s Theater will be held next month. The title of the play is “The Missing Mountain Mystery.” The dates of the residency are November 14-20.  

Discussion Item:

• Potential playoff football games and where they will be played. Per the agreement of the Co-op, each site would rotate hosting duties. The last home football playoff game was held in Wessington Springs. With some issues being brought up (lighting issues, playing field issues, and spectator experience), it was asked for consideration that any home playoff games be held in Wessington Springs. The board considered this request and decided that an agreement was in place, and the parameters of that agreement should be adhered to. As a district, due diligence will be continued regarding how these issues can be resolved in the near and foreseeable future.

Old Business: None. 

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Enfield, all aye, to approve the addition to the Parent/Student Handbook of the medical cannabis policy and re-vamping of the Title IX policy, in accordance with state law.

Motion by Enfield, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to approve the resignation of Rick Olsen as assistant high school boys’ basketball coach. The board thanked him for his years of service in the program. 

Motion by Klaas, seconded by Adams, all aye, to approve the hiring of Trevor Olson as assistant high school boys’ basketball coach for $2,980.00.

Regular Board meeting will be held on Monday, November 8, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. at the Sanborn Central School in the middle school computer lab.

Motion by Adams, seconded by Spelbring, all aye, to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

Gayle Bechen

Business Manager

Clayton Dean

Board Chair

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