Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports

Pictured is the BB gun line during one of the Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports Match Shoots: Instructor Brian Pauly, Elliott Ohlrogge, Ellie Evans, Aaron Linke, Austin Ball, Meghan Chada and Mark Chada. Ellie set a new county record for Beginner BB Gun Girls, a record that had been held since 2004.

Pictured is the BB gun line during one of the Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports Match Shoots: Instructor Brian Pauly, Elliott Ohlrogge, Ellie Evans, Aaron Linke, Austin Ball, Meghan Chada and Mark Chada. Ellie set a new county record for Beginner BB Gun Girls, a record that had been held since 2004.

Sanborn County 4-H Shooting Sports had another successful year, with many new shooters, numerous county records broken and 39 shooters qualifying for the State Shoot in 91 events.
County Shoot placings were decided over three match shoots. The top scores from the match shoots were used to determine the first, second and third place finishes for the county level.
Results were as follows:  BB Gun Senior: first – Jonathan Linke 369.07, second – Austin Ball 365.07, third – Elliott Ohlrogge 362.05; BB Gun Junior:  first – Taylor Lindsey 354.06, second – Dilyn Brooks 351.05, third – Amber Schelske 347.03;  BB Gun Beginner:  first – Toby Kneen 338.02, second – Ellie Evans 322.01, third – Dana Schelske 320.01.
Air Pistol Senior: first – Elliott Ohlrogge 171, second – Jonathan Linke 153.01, third – Austin Ball 150; Air Pistol Junior: first – Evan Ohlrogge 166, second – Taylor Lindsey 153, third – Amber Schelske 145; Air Pistol Beginner: first – Emily Ohlrogge 178.01, second – Toby Kneen 174, third – Brody Miiller 158.
Air Rifle Senior:  first – Jonathan Linke 263, second – Aaron Linke 251, third – Meghan Chada; Air Rifle Junior:  first – Evan Ohlrogge 213, second – Megan Linke 201, third – Taylor Lindsey 196; Air Rifle Beginner:  first – Toby Kneen 165.
22 3-P Rifle Senior: first – Jonathan Linke 264.03, second – Elliott Ohlrogge 256.03, third – Aaron Linke 233.02.
22 Pistol Senior: first – Jonathan Linke 194.
Archery CWS-R Senior:  first – Jared Goldammer 132.06, second – April Farmer 132.05, third – Elliott Ohlrogge 131.05; Archery CWS-R Junior: first – Kenzee Schafer 134.05, second – Noah Terkildsen 132.06, third – Brooklyn Swenson 130.05; Archery CWS-R Beginner: first – Westin Hagman 141.10, second – Toby Kneen 134.07, third – Ellie Evans 121.07.
Archery CWS Senior: first – Ashleigh Fry;  Archery CWS Junior: first – Abi Fry; Archery CWS Beginner: first – Brody Miiller 126.05, second – Trista White.
Archery CWOS-R Beginner: first – Westin Hagman 107.04;  CWOS-R Junior:  first – Tyler Eddy 98.
Archery CWOS Beginner:  first – Brody Miiller 120.03, second – Brady Larson, AnnaBella Fry;  Archery CWOS Junior: first – Tyler Eddy, second – Aleya Fry;  Archery CWOS Senior:  first – Austin Ball.
Archery RWOS Senior:  first – Katelin Deneke 67.  Archery RWOS Junior:  first – Tyler Eddy 98, second – Kenzee Schafer 88.  Archery RWOS Beginner:  first – Toby Kneen 125.06, second – Hannah Terkildsen 85.01, third – Westin Hagman.
In Match 1 state competition, Brody Miiller placed third beginner in CWS and fourth beginner in CWOS.  Toby Kneen placed first beginner in RWOS and third beginner in Air Rifle. Emily Ohlrogge placed third beginner in Air Pistol and Austin Ball placed third senior in Air Pistol.
In Match 2 state competition, Emily Ohlrogge took first place in Beginner Air Pistol.  Westin Hagman placed third in Beginner Archery CWOS-R. In Archery RWOS, Toby Kneen placed first in beginner division and Tyler Eddy placed first in junior division.
Nearly 1,600 youth participated in the State 4-H Shoot April 24-26, utilizing 10 different ranges in the Pierre and Ft. Pierre area. Shooters were broken down into age groups and by equipment. The South Dakota State 4-H Shoot is one of the largest youth shooting events in the nation. At the State Shoot, Sanborn County was represented well with six individuals placing in the top three, and four teams in the top three.
Individual placings were as follows:  Austin Ball – second place – Senior Air Pistol, Timed Fire; Tyler Eddy – third place – CWOS-R; Toby Kneen – second place – Beginner Air Rifle, second place – Beginner RWOS; Jonathan Linke – third place – Senior Air Pistol, Bullseye; Elliott Ohlrogge – first place – Senior Air Pistol, Bullseye; Emily Ohlrogge – first place – Beginner Air Pistol, Timed Fire.
Team placings were: Junior Air Rifle – second place – Megan Linke, Taylor Lindsey, Tyler Eddy, Kaylee White; Senior BB Gun – first place – Jonathan Linke, Elliott Ohlrogge, Austin Ball, Aaron Linke; Beginner Air Pistol – first place – Emily Ohlrogge, Blake Howard, Brody Miiller, Toby Kneen; Senior Air Pistol – first place – Austin Ball, Jonathan Linke, Elliott Ohlrogge, Nathan Linke.
Along with placing in the top three, there were some additional high placings. In CMP 22 Rifle senior division, Jonathan Linke placed fourth and Elliott Ohlrogge placed eighth. Both received a purple ribbon. In three-position 22 rifle, Jonathan placed seventh. In BB Gun Beginner division, Ellie Evans placed 23 of 293 and received a purple ribbon. In BB Gun Junior division, Taylor Lindsey placed 24 of 204 and received a purple ribbon.
In Air Pistol Bullseye Beginner division, the following shooters received purple ribbons and placed as follows out of 84: Emily Ohlrogge 4, Toby Kneen 7, Trista White 14, Hannah Terkildsen 15.  In Air Pistol Bullseye Junior division, Abigayle Fry placed 12 of 107 and Taylor Lindsey was 19 of 107. Both received a purple ribbon. Austin Ball placed sixth of 56 in Air Pistol senior division and received a purple ribbon. In Archery CWS-R Beginner division, Westin Hagman placed 12 and Toby Kneen placed 16 out of 183 shooters, and both received purple ribbons.
In Archery CWOS, Austin Ball placed fourth in the senior division. In Archery RWOS senior division, Kenzee Schafer placed sixth.  Brody Miiller placed 10th in Archery CWS beginner division.
Sanborn County shooters broke a number of county records over the season. In BB Gun Beginner Girls, Ellie Evans broke the record that had been held for 11 years by shooting a 338.01. Taylor Lindsey broke the BB Gun Junior Girls record with a 365.10. This record has been broken nine times over the last two seasons with a very competitive group of junior division girls.  Elliott Ohlrogge now holds the BB Gun Senior Boys record with 370.15.
In the Air Pistol division, Emily Ohlrogge broke the Beginner Girls record with 178.01 and Elliott Ohlrogge took the Senior Boys record with 175.02.
The Air Rifle Junior Girls record was set by Taylor Lindsey with 216.01 and the Air Rifle Senior Boys record is now held by Jonathan Linke with 263.
The Air Rifle Junior Girls record was set by Taylor Lindsey with 216.01 and the Air Rifle Senior Boys record is now held by Jonathan Linke with 263.
Jonathan set a new record for the Senior 22 Pistol Boys with 194.
In Archery Beginner Division, Toby Kneen set a county record in CWS-R with 143.07, and in RWOS with 125.06.  Brody Miiller claimed the county record in CWS with 126.05 and in CWOS with 120.03. Westin Hagman set the county record in CWOS-R with a score of 107.04.
County records were set in Archery Junior Division by Tyler Eddy with a score of 87.01 in CWOS and 98 in RWOS.
At the senior division level, Archery records were set by Ashleigh Fry – CWS-89.01, Austin Ball – CWOS-77, and Katelin Deneke – RWOS-67.
Archery also tracks records at the county level for scores shot at the State Shoot. New records for 2015 are as follows:  CWS Beginner – Brody Miiller, 112.03; CWS Senior – Ashleigh Fry, 71.01; CWOS Beginner – Brody Miiller, 102.02; CWOS Junior – Tyler Eddy, 74; CWOS Senior – Austin Ball, 94.01; CWOS-R Beginner – Westin Hagman, 94.01; CWOS-R Junior – Tyler Eddy, 112.01; RWOS Beginner – Toby Kneen, 115.05; RWOS Junior – Kenzee Schafer, 88; and RWOS Senior – Katelin Deneke, 72.
Shooting sports ended the season with a Match 3 competitive shoot and a Fun Shoot on May 3. During the fun shoot, 4-H shooters had the opportunity to shoot at lifesaver targets, silhouettes and 3D archery targets, shoot blow guns and compete against parents. Some shooters also tried out shooting the air rifle or air pistol in an upside down position!

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